Dahku Creations Announces Soon Shine

Dahku Creations Announces Soon Shine

Dahku Creations, an indie development duo of brothers, announced yesterday on their website that they will be releasing another game on the Wii U eShop.

Soon Shine, Dahku’s second Wii U game, is a fully touch screen action puzzle game in which players control the sun and the moon in order to fight off enemies. Enemies can be destroyed by tapping them or by using powers that wipe out multiple enemies. Dahku proudly calls the game a combination of retro puzzle games with the twitch reaction required of action games.

Dahku said that Soon Shine is under review for eShop release with hopes for a release in mid-August for the Americas. They’ve told us that they “would of course be interested in taking the game to markets worldwide, but that will depend on how it fares in the Americas.” They have priced the game at $1.99 in the US.

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