Beep Cloud Raises $600 For Charity In First Month

Beep Cloud Raises $600 For Charity In First Month

You may recall a story from a month and a half ago, in which I told you about a new company called Beep Cloud that is raising money for charity through video games. Their first project is a game called Turtle Rock, and in its first month, Turtle Rock has managed to raise an impressive $600 for charity, and Beep Cloud has set a year-long goal of raising $10,000 for charity. Even better, they’ve just optimized their game for Android devices, allowing millions of players the opportunity to help the planet! Read on to find out more.

Beep Cloud was founded by Arsen Nikiforouk and Huy Dang, two individuals from third world countries. Because of their backgrounds, their hearts and minds are set on donating to charity, ensuring that one day, kids won’t grow up like they did. Their recent project, Turtle Rock, is the first step toward reaching this goal. In Turtle Rock, you’ll need to avoid the monsters in order to gain points. The game is free, but it’s funded by advertisements. These ads that pop up when you play allow Beep Cloud to make money to donate straight to charities.

At the end of May, the game was at a point where everything was working properly, and they could begin their donation count for June. In their first fully functional month, Beep Cloud raised $600. Keep in mind, this game was only on iOS at the time, and had received little press. Of this $600, half went to, and the other half funded the Free Healthcare Campaign in Vietnam. Now that Turtle Rock is available on the Android market, donations will surely increase this month. On top of that, Beep Cloud has spent the last month making audio and visual improvements to their game to make it more fun.

I highly encourage everyone to give this game a shot. Let’s help Beep Cloud reach their $10,000 goal and help cure cancer and provide healthcare to poor families along the way!

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