Rumor: Playstation Now May Be Able To Import Bought PSN Games


It’s just a rumor for now, but over on NeoGAF says that they are able to play the games they’d already purchased on their Playstation Now Subscription.

The poster Bastion is in the Beta for the Playstation Now subscription, and has said something quite amazing about the service, that he is able to play the games he’d previously purchased through the Playstation Network on Playstation Now. The original posting reads:

An interesting thing just showed up on PSNow on my PS3. It is showing all the games I bought digitally as playable via PSNow that are on the PSNow service. There is a shopping bag showing that I had paid for it. I will have to check it out more tomorrow and see if it allows me to play them on the PS4.

While it is only a rumor as of right now with no confirmation from anywhere else, this idea is very good news, showing that the games you’ve bought still are yours even through the Playstation Now agreement.

However; in a later post Bastion says that these games are not showing up as purchased on the Playstation 4 version of the service. Of course, this could be a technicality as the service is still in beta at this time.

Nothing else has been said to confirm or deny this rumor, but I think this would be great if the service did work out like this. Imagine all of the free space you’ll be able to acquire on your Playstation if you can use the streaming Playstation Now service to play your games.

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