Would You Pay To Change Your PSN ID?

Would You Pay To Change Your PSN ID?

I was scrolling through N4G recently, when I came across this article. It really struck me because it advocates for something I’ve been wanting to do for years now. In the article, the author talks about the prospect of Sony allowing PSN users to change their PSN ID, most likely for a fee. I can assume that this will be coming soon to PSN (I’ll explain why), but I simply hope it comes sooner rather than later. As a poor gamer with an unfortunate username, I can sympathize with the thousands upon thousands of others who would be willing to pay a decent fee for a name change on PSN, especially with games becoming very socially oriented in a world where you’re defined by your username.

So, here’s my story.

My family began the foray onto PSN when we bought a Sony BRAVIA TV that was bundled with a PS3. When we got home and set everything up, my mom wanted to see what this PS3 business was all about. Mind you, at the time, I was either 13 or 14, and didn’t have any clue either since our most advanced console at the time was a Wii. She needed help setting up the account, so I entered all of her information. Then came the tough part:

“Hey mom, what do you want your username to be?”
“Hmm…Well, I like dragonflies… how about ‘dragonflymamma?'”
“Alright then!”

Apparently she thought that was a cool name, and I wasn’t about to stop her. At the time, my parents deemed the PS3 and the new TV off limits to be and my younger brother, citing that we could easily break it or ruin something in the settings. That was a reasonable claim, considering that not long before that purchase, my brother had somehow managed to change the language on my PS2 to Portuguese, though he could hardly read at the time. Well, before too long, my parents became more lenient, allowing us to play with supervision, then eventually without.psn_id-615x300

I started off with mainly free games and single-player campaigns, earning trophies as I went under the username ‘dragonflymamma,’ mainly because I didn’t really care. Then, I realized how fun online play was, and I started to do some more social gaming. As I racked up the trophies, I realized that dragonflymamma was a terrible, unbecoming name for a teenage boy…but at the same time, with all of my trophies, did I really want to create a new account? I longed for the simple ability to change my PSN name, but alas, there was none.

Because of my trophies (and my pride), I decided to keep the name and march on… a few years later, I’m now 17, a semi-professional gaming news writer, an intense gamer, and stuck being known as ‘dragonflymamma.’ Now more than ever, there’s no point in me creating a new account. After all, I have a couple dozen friends on this account, I’ve logged 100+ hours into Battlefield 4, and I have achieved my first Platinum trophy (on RESOGUN) which I am not anxious to do away with.

Instead, I’d be willing to pay $5, $10, or even $20 or $25 to change that terrible, feminine name. Judging by comments all over the internet, I know that there are so many others who would love to change their name, for many reasons. For example, say a 13 year old came up with a childish name due to his childish mind at the time. Now, 7 years later, he’s a college student with honors. Would a name like ‘johnnypoopiepants’ still describe that person? No, of course not! As people change, their image changes.

A name should describe who you are as a person. When that image changes, the name should go along with it. Have you ever heard of a little kid with a really grown up sounding name that just doesn’t seem to suit them? Years later, their image changes, and they finally grow into their name. The same sort of thing applies to online gamers, just in reverse fashion. The problem here is that asking for a change in usernames isn’t farfetched. Microsoft has been charging folks $10 to do this for years. From what I hear, Steam allows users to change their name for free! Why can’t Sony jump onto the bandwagon? I think they will soon enough, and here’s why.

dragonflymammaFirst off, Sony is great about satisfying customers, especially lately with the free PS4 games, the lower PS4 launch price, etc. If the customers want this change (which they surely do, judging by this thread), then it’s only a matter of time before Sony allows it. Secondly, it would provide monetary gain for Sony, which is of course a good thing for them. Third, this sort of thing is the norm nowadays; Sony will eventually update to keep up with the times. Finally, as this article points out, “this need for a name change is especially desired now more than ever, with developers like Evolution Studios (DriveClub) and Bungie (Destiny) making games that are more geared towards online social interactions”

I definitely agree with that statement. As gamers are being pushed online more and more, our images need to reflect us. Although I’m a good leader and tactician, is anyone really going to take me seriously with a name like “dragonflymamma?” I bet not. Sony needs to allow us to change our usernames, and although I’m nearly certain they will, it’s got to happen sooner rather than later. Preferably, it should happen before the mountain of fall releases.

So, my question to you is this: would you be willing to pay to change your PSN ID? If so, how much and why? I’m curious to see other stories that might be similar or far different than mine!

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