Returning To Call Of Duty

Returning To Call Of Duty

I despise Call Of Duty. When I was younger, however, that was my favorite series. I fell I love with the games, starting with Modern Warfare. Then I tried Battlefield and realized that I much prefer the large-scale Battlefield experience over the small scale Call Of Duty monotony. In fact, once I got Battlefield 4 on release day, I completely stopped playing Black Ops II. I recently decided to jump back into Black Ops II (for the first time in months) for just a little while to play some split-screen co-op. That’s when I realized just how much I’ve grown to despise COD, and how much I’ve evolved as a gamer.

I jumped back into Black Ops II, and I thought that I might enjoy it; maybe just a little bit. There had to be some enjoyment to be found, right? Wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever said the phrase “this is stupid” more times in 20 minutes than during that session. I started off by dying repeatedly because of cheap campers and lag spikes. Then, I had to deal with the fact that all the players left on that game have pretty much mastered all the maps, so I would die with every few steps.

Within the first few minutes, we lost connection to the host and had to try to migrate. See, I was content dealing with this in the past; I grew used to it and had no problems with it… But at that point, I didn’t realize that most games don’t have this issue. I had wrongfully assumed that all games had connection issues. I now know better.battlefield I’ve played over 100 hours of Battlefield 4, and disconnecting from matches or migrating has been rare… nonexistent, really. Yet within 10 minutes, I was already migrating hosts in COD. It really brought out the lack of quality in COD, and it disgusted me.

As I mentioned earlier, I had to deal with players who could and would exploit every hiding spot, glitch, and imbalance in the game. The thing about COD is that it’s far too easy to be cheap. There are perfect sniping lines, walls that are paper thin and easy to shoot through, etc. For example, we headed to Raid, and I spawned on the side with the car garage. I walked straight, toward the courtyard, and was sniper before I could even come out from behind the wall. Sniper+FMJ+Obsessive memorization of map and timing=cheap players and cheap kills. In short, the game is incredibly watered down and simplified to make it mainstream, and in its simplicity, it becomes far too easy to manipulate.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 9.06.26 PMAs a simple comparison, it’s a lot less common for things like this to happen in larger games such as Battlefield or even Destiny, based on the Alpha. There are lots of options and open paths in other games, making evasion so much easier. Snipers actually have to be patient and earn their kills; they can’t just go around 360 no-scoping and quickscoping to rack up kills. Again, to appeal to the masses, Call Of Duty becomes cheap and inauthentic.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how some score streaks can absolutely pin you in your spawn. Then there are those who have memorized spawn points and exploit those flaws…

I’m not going to go into full rant mode, and there are a few reasons why. First, I do realize that there are those who find the experience enjoyable. Just because I don’t like COD doesn’t mean you can’t. I’m not going to go spewing hate and saying “COD is for losers, you shouldn’t play it blah blah blah.” Secondly, ranting is usually unprofessional, and although I’m guilty of doing this, I’m not going to here. Third, even if I did rant, you probably wouldn’t listen, and you’d just become enraged.

I’m also not trying to say that Battlefield is the better series or that it’s the ultimate FPS. It surely has its flaws too, believe me! I’m just saying that I find that experience much more enjoyable, so I use it as a benchmark or a comparison. (Though it is also quickly becoming a “COD Clone,” sadly.)

The thing is, you’ll might be thinking “ok, so this is your opinion. Why do I care what you think?” Well, long story short, it boils down to this: sure, COD might be fun for you… but there is SO much more out there to try and to experience! Branch out! Try something new! You might find you don’t want to go back to COD.

I didn’t want to to try anything else as a fledgling gamer, but I wish I could go back and do things differently to try different games and genres. Now, my eyes have been open to so much more. There are artistic experiences full of imagination and wonder. There are terrifying forays into worlds of horror. There are globetrotting adventures through locales and time. Visit the tropics, explore the snowcapped mountains, see what America was like in the days of the Founding Fathers.blops2

I’ve taken risks and opened my eyes to so many new experiences, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Each new game feels like a new trip, a new vacation, or a new adventure. Gaming fills me with such joy, but guys, COD isn’t it. It doesn’t even come close. Sure, I like to go back to a good round of Halo every once in a while, and it’s still my favorite series… but there are titles out there that even eclipse my beloved Master Chief.

So I guess the point of my article is this: whether you love COD or hate it. you’d be remiss not to explore other games and venture into new worlds. Now that I’ve done just that, I can’t even view Call Of Duty without a huge sense of disgust for its lack of innovation and overabundance of repetition. COD might be cool, but it pales in comparison to other experiences. If you truly love Call Of Duty, or if you are content with the game, then I’m happy for you. But for those of you who wonder even slightly as to whether or not there might be more out there, chase that thought. Follow it until you find what you’re searching for.

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