Gamecube-Inspired Controllers Available Now

Gamecube-Inspired Controllers Available Now

About three weeks ago, Gamers Sphere reported on some exciting news: a Gamecube-inspired controller by leading designers Performance Designed Products (PDP). After much anticipation, PDP has finally announced the official release of these stylish new controllers. In the interest of Super Smash Brothers, companies have been aiming to create handheld controllers that resemble the original GameCube controller. With PDP, the result is three glossy, Mario-themed  controllers.

The controllers were recently shown off at E3,and with all the exciting hype that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, it almost seems as though PDP’s new gear has been washed over – but certainly not from lack of quality.

Here’s a look at the new controllers, straight from this year’s E3.

The Wii remotes in the pictures above are not included as a PDP product, but if you think they match nicely you can always purchase your own at your local GameStop. Keep in mind though, the Yoshi Wiimote is only available in Europe.

PDP’s wired fight pads will sell for $24.99, and will only be available with a Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi design. Unlike original GameCube controllers, these will have a Home button to help you navigate the Wii U, just like the Wii Classic Controller Pro.

PDP’s representatives have said that players can buy the controllers now, either on their website or as a pre-order with GameStop, however we can’t seem to find the product in any retail store just yet. If you’re interested, make sure to keep your eyes peeled, as the three controllers will only be available for a limited time.

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