Stop Whining About The DualShock 4 Battery

Stop Whining About The DualShock 4 Battery

Alright, it’s rant time.

Every time the PS4‘s controller is mentioned on the internet, it seems to be followed by a wave of commenters talking about the things they dislike about the controller. Usually, the main gripe concerns the battery life, as the vocal commenters seem to think it doesn’t last long enough. I’m not saying their argument is invalid… alright, yes I am. I don’t understand the argument, and it really makes no sense. The DualShock 4’s battery life last between 7 and 10 hours, and for people to complain that it’s too short, we have a serious issue.

First off, people complain that the battery life is sucked by the light bar and that if we got rid of it, then it would save massive amounts of energy. Wrong. Think about it, controllers have had lights on them for years now. The Xbox 360 had a glowing green ring on the remote, the DualShock 1 and 2 had a red light for Analog options, and even the Wii has blue lights to show which player you were. So maybe the PS4’s LED is brighter, but you’re forgetting 2 main things. One, LED lights are efficient, which is why they’re used more often than non LED bulbs in items like these. Secondly, it’s one light. We have the option to greatly dim it, and studies have shown that it doesn’t even help enough to be noticeable. More or less, the point is that people who argue that the lightbar takes too much battery life are absolutely wrong. This is not a new concept, simply a new implementation, which doesn’t even eat enough battery to be worth getting rid of.

But the main gripe that a lot of people have would be that 7 to 10 hours is simply too short for the battery life. I’m incredibly confused. First of all, who plays 7 to 10 hours in one gigantic gaming marathon? Heck, after playing 4 hours of Watch_Dogs on a couple occasions this week, I was ready to be done. Playing double that is unfathomable. If you’re binge gaming for more hours than you sleep at night, then this is an issue that you need to address. You cannot blame the DualShock 4’s battery for not lasting as long as your absurdly long gaming sessions do.

Besides, if you play so many hours worth of video games in a day that you can run a DS4’s charge completely out and proceed to complain about it, then chances are you’re what you might call “a hardcore gamer.” My guess is that you probably spend more time and money on gaming because you value it more than other activities. Long story short, I’d be willing to be that you would have no problem sacrificing one new release to just shut up and by yourself a new controller to feed your out-of-control gaming addiction. Am I offending people here? I sure hope so, because if you’re gaming over 7 hours straight on a basis often enough to frequently run your controller dead and complain about it, you have an issue.

So, if you’re an “intense gamer” and you complain about your controller not lasting through your sDualshock4ession, then I have no sympathy for your argument.

Others complain that they have to charge it after every couple of sessions or days… seriously? What are you, a spoiled brat? Entitled? Seriously, we live in a world where we can plug our controller into a wall outlet, into a computer, or into the system itself. Charging it isn’t a problem. If your controller lasts long enough to survive the day, then just charge it when you go to sleep; it’ll be ready when you wake up. If you find this an inconvenience, then again, I have absolutely no sympathy for you because you feel entitled to better when there’s not even an issue present.

Seriously, when you go to sleep, you can either put your PS4 into sleep mode and charge it there, pop it into a wall outlet with one a cell phone or similar charger (which can be bought on Amazon for a buck or two from cheap Chinese companies anyway), or even plug it into your computer if you’re the kind who leaves it on all night. Again, if charging it nightly (when you’re not even awake to use it) is too inconvenient, then I don’t have sympathy.

Finally, if you complain that the DualShock 4 runs out while you’re gaming, just by chance…then you’re still out of sympathy. Charging it nightly will fix your problem, and even if it does go out while you’re playing, chances are you can still charge it. After all, the cord that we get with the PS4 is ridiculously long; honestly, I’ve never used a longer USB cable. If that doesn’t stretch to your PS4, then chances are that you have a wall outlet close. If it’s too inconvenient to have a cord running along the ground in front of you so that you can charge while you play, then I have no sympathy for you. Wait until entirely wireless charging becomes a thing.

There is nearly no reason for you to complain that the DS4 battery is not sufficient to meet your needs. Either you’re too lazy to charge it nightly, or you simply have insane needs since you require a nuclear powered controller in order to outlast your day-long gaming sessions. Stop whining, get on with your life, and complain about something meaningful like Net Neutrality.

That Is All

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My name is Matthew, and Iโ€™m an avid gamer. Video games and writing are my two passions. After graduation, I plan to enter the gaming industry as a news writer for a gaming trade publication or a public relations specialist for a publisher. I enjoy playing many different genres of games (though I'm horrible at RTS and brawlers). I try to diversify what I play so I can take in many different ideas, cultures, game and art designs, and aspects of gaming to appreciate it better. Iโ€™m a thinker, I love to learn, and I'm here to bring you the latest news and share my opinions through the occasional editorial.


  1. Do what I do, leave the USB plugged in……and yes, the battery life is crap. I don’t seem to get 10 hours out of mine…maybe 6 or 7

    • Really 7 to 10 hours? i cant even get 5 out of mine and I own 2 controllers.. How do you even get 7??

  2. I don’t know about the battery but I know that I had to recently replace my original DS4 due to the R2 button sticking. I popped it open and found that the swivel pin was not only plastic but molded into the button and had stressed out, so I couldn’t replace the pin. That’s cheap quality and I never had that issue with any of the past controllers.
    Now I’m trying to finish Wolfenstein with a hesitant trigger finger. Lmao!

    • wow! That’s a really cheap design, would have never thought they’d design it this way….

      • Yeah, a bulk of the problems with the DS4 controllers lies with the build quality generally surrounding the trigger buttons. Some barely last over the 30 day free-returns warranty.

        • It’s weird though; I’m hearing people who either have this trigger issue, or their rubber pads wear out… but after a few hundred hours of playtime, my rubber thumbstick pads still look brand new XD Luck of the draw with controllers, I guess!

  3. I don’t play past 2 hours sometimes 3 with friends and when I’m done I just put it back on the charging station and it’s ready to go for the next time I pick up.

  4. console fanboy: don’t share your opinions to the controller,damage control is fine

  5. Yeah, the D4 has a shorter battery life than the D3. I say we accept that and find ways to work around these limitations until they are addressed. For example, buy a M to F USB extension cable. They are very inexpensive. If you want to avoid coupling the shorter, included cable with an extension cable just buy a long micro USB cable. Very simple solutions. With either option you can play while you charge

    • Exactly! Rather than complain, spend literally $2 and by a 10 foot cable that can reach just about anywhere (for most people). $2 fixes the problem and eliminates complaining. This is why I can’t stand the “issue.” It’s so easily solvable, it’s not worth whining about ๐Ÿ˜›

      • So in your dismissive, simplistic opinion, people should stop complaining about a valid issue because there’s a few band-aid fixes available?

        No matter how you slice the turkey, the fact remains that the ds4, which realistically lasts you 5-6, MAYBE 7 hours, exists in the same generation of consoles that have controllers that can last anywhere between 20 to 80 hours. This isn’t a problem because there aren’t solutions. This is a problem because it’s backwards thinking. Innovation is supposed to move forward, not the complete opposite direction.

        Now I should apologize for necroing an old post like this, but after reading that f***** up mission statement of yours, I had to say something. I’m not exactly what you’d call a PC person, but thrusting your own misguided perceptions of superiority because you don’t “waste” your life away with long gaming marathons is both bigoted and narrow minded.

  6. I’m the ‘Sad’ indivisual who regularly games 7 hours or more. I don’t have a problem, I have a passion. Its critisised if people regularly hike 7 hours or more, why? Because it’s ‘healthy’ but I know far more outdoor pursuitists that neglect their social life for their hiking than gamers who neglect their social life. I’m mostly home, I’m mostly with my family, we have quality time together and I enjoy what I do with no detriment to myself or others. How much/often you do something does not make it a problem, how you prioritise it against other things to the detrement of self and others makes it a problem.
    That said, i bought the Killzone bundle and a docking station. I have 2 controllers, 1 of which is nearly always charging. I might run out of battery toward the end of a particularly long session, but I just swap controllers.
    The author is right that we really shouldn’t be bitching about battery life on the DS4. The rest of his opinion is subjective, contrived bullshit.

    • But see, the difference is that rather than complaining about the battery life, you actually have a solution, and that’s great! You realize you’ll need a second controller, so rather than sit online and complain about the battery life, you get another controller.
      People like you are actually proactive when it comes to solving a problem, unlike most who would rather complain and hope Sony fixes it for them… I’m sure you see what I mean.

      And it tends to be those who prioritize gaming over other matters (unlike you, wwho is in good health, has family time, etc.) who complains too much. But you get it. I like that ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I get about five hours max, there is no way it lasts ten lol, and the cord that comes with it is so short it’s pathetic, I would prefer batteries they last a lot longer and can switch as soon as they die

    • The cord I got is about 5 feet long, which is longer than any of my phone cables ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Do you use your phone as a controller for gaming on your big screen tv? No? Then that argument is invalid. They could at least have provided a cable long enough that you could play and charge at the same time.

  8. The battery on DS4 is bad. Period. Its not tragic, its not something that has negative impact to the whole PS4 experience but truth be told it sucks to charge it every game session just to be safe that you will not be bothered in the next one.

  9. every single controller except for the DS4 and the Wii U pad last at least 15-20 hours. With the DS4 you’re lucky if it last you 7 hours and the more you have to recharge it, the faster the battery will degrade and lose its overall capacity. So these DS4’s will not last you very long before its wifi becomes useless because you’ll have to have them plugged in 24/7.

  10. If enough people find it a problem and complain then there’s a chance Sony will improve the battery at some point. Saying nothing gets you nothing, so go ahead and complain! Lets be honest most people would probably rather not have to put their controller back on charge after every single gaming session and it can’t be good for the overall life of the battery.

  11. The problem is the DS3 had around 30 hrs of battery life while the DS4 gets around 5 or 6 hrs from my experience. It’s a major downgrade. Sure you can deal with it but I think people recognize the difference from the last version and wonder what happened. Just think if the next Samsung Galaxy’s battery life dwindled down to half of what its previous version was. Imagine the complaints. Just sayin.

    • However, unlike a controller, you’re usually not anywhere near an outlet with a phone; it’s a huge difference ๐Ÿ˜› If you’re out in town, you can’t charge while you use your phone (most times). At home, no big deal, for most.

      • Hey Matt, just trying to give an example. I agree with you it is a lot different. Not to miss my main point though. When a consumer buys a new iteration of a product multiple advancements are usually expected. In this case they went in the opposite direction. 5-6 hours charge time is sufficient for me, but at the same time I do wonder like others why such a drastic drop occurred in the battery of the DS4 in comparison to previous Dual Shock controllers.

        • I do wonder the same thing, too. It’s true; that is a huge drop, it cant be denied. Has Sony ever addressed the reason? If not, I wonder if they will.

          • I’m almost certain they haven’t addressed the issue. I even doubt they will at this point since so much time has passed.

  12. My xb1 pad has 55+ hours of battery life.

    It’s annoying to recharge every night.

    The DS4 battery sucks. Stop justifying it sucks.

    Petition for a better battery life.

    That’s all you need to know and all you need to do.

    Until then, put up with a poor product.

    • The X1 controller uses AA batteries, eight? I ask because I dont own an X1, so I’m not sure.

      I do agree on a petition, though. Rather than just commenting badly all over, people who want a change should mount a legitimate petition. Companies seem to take notice when complaints are organized, you know?

      • XB1 controller uses 2 AA batteries, you can use a rechargeable battery pack as well.

      • Rechargeable batteries in control pads is a superior option by pure logic. That’s why the xb1 pads have stuck with them.

        Explanation –

        Battery option –

        1 – Batteries run out = replace them = continual wireless gaming

        2 – Recharge options = charge while you play with a spare set of batteries = continual wireless gaming

        3 – Death of batteries = controller still works with minimal cost battery replacements = continual wireless gaming

        In built power pack option –

        1 – power runs out = plug in cable to recharge = wired gaming. You can of course circumvent this with a costly second controller, which is an ill thought solution

        2 – Recharge options = wired charge = interupted wireless gaming

        3 – Death of power pack = controller death = wired gaming until expensive second controller is purchased or problem fixed.

        Only with a battery option is it possible to play uninterrupted wirelessly.

        Only idiots would try to argue that an internal power pack option in control pads is better.

  13. Really 7 to 10 hours? i cant even get 5 out of mine and I own 2 controllers.. How do you even get 7?

  14. The battery life of the DualShock 4 is horrible when compared to previous controllers from the same company. I used to get around 5 hours max with the controller until I replaced the battery inside it with one that had 50% more capacity. I also disconnected the light in one of the controllers to test the differences in battery life. In the controller that has the light disconnected I get a bit over an hour more use out of it. What is crazy is that the replacement battery that I am using is smaller in size than the one that came in it so there isn’t really a good excuse for not having a better battery in the controller. They just want you to buy more controllers or accessories to counter the problem. Instead of mocking people for their hobby you should probably take your head out of your ass and see it from their point of view.

    On a side note my biggest complaint about the battery life isn’t even related to gaming. It is that Sony opted to not allow for bluetooth remotes to work with the new system like they did with the PS3. This means you have to use the controller for all navigation. They also did a piss poor job with the new OS as far as logically layering the menu items. You could immediately turn off the controller on the PS3 by holding down the PS button for a second and turning off the controller. This menu option is buried 3 or 4 layers deep in the new menu and is annoying to use when trying to watch a movie.

    • I hate the fact that you can’t use any Bluetooth headset anymore. PS3 allowed you to.

  15. “7 to 10 hours” this is no where near the battery life I’ve or my friends have experienced. It has been much closer the 5 hours. But the battery life isn’t even my main gripe with the DS4. I’ve had to send in my DS4 for repair twice. Due to the right trigger breaking. The controller feels good in the hands, but seems to have a few flaws that must be addressed.

    I find it disconcerting that this games writer seems to be dismissing people who are criticizing a products flaws (which will probably lead to a better product, capitalism FTW!). But what is more concerning is how he goes about countering consumer complaints by relying on insults. He seems to think that we must be “lazy”, “entitled” or “addicted”, to have a problem with the battery life of the DS4.

    He also is cherry-picking complaints to help support his “article”. He mentions that people had complained about the DS4’s LED light. Saying that the consumer was wrong to point the blame of battery life at the LED light, which is correct. But he failed to mention that the main (and original) reason why people were complaining about the LED light was due to concerns of it reflecting off your TV screen. Not the battery life.

    P.S. It’s funny you wrote an article about “4 Ways Old Handhelds Were Better” and under #1 you sighted “Battery Life”

    • Difference being you can’t really charge a handheld as easily as a controller. At least with a controller, you’re at home where there are usually USB ports or wall outlets, or the console itself around. With a handheld, it’s a bit tougher, if you’re, say, in a plane, or someplace else. I often rely on my Anker portable battery because of it for charging my phone or 3DS when I know I’ll be away from home on a trip of some sort.

      • Thank you for addressing the shortest part of my comment.

        • Well, because it would take a while to adequately address the larger part of your comment, and you probably wouldn’t see the merit in what I would have to say, so I might as well not ๐Ÿ˜› Besides, I’m headed out for a concert XD

          • Although I dislike your article, please enjoy your concert.

          • Hey, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ enjoy your evening too!

      • But it’s funny that someone who can clearly see the benefits of a decent battery charge can also be so dismissive, and lets face it rude, to the people that are wanting a better product.

  16. So forgetting to charge the controller after a session for whatever reason (and yes there are a lot of legit reasons to forget to charge) is a sin for the customer, because according to your logic we should not complain, right?


  17. the ps4 controls have too many functions period this is why we have battery issues. The biggest part of this entire argument is where Sony didn’t have the balls to double up the battery life after complaints. 7-10 hours your like every other false advertisement what did you do leave it on idle connected? I’m lucky to get 5 hours out of my controllers. 3 – 5 times a day I switch between my 2 controllers I bought the second controller to resolve this issue when usually 2 days later you controller says it’s dying I swap. But being as this is compleatly useless of a strategy when you can’t keep up. Ps4 and x box one was the biggest wrong move in the industry no one sees how similiar this is to the et failure in 1982 seeing as they could dish out anything for any system they thought they’ve now dished out an upgraded graphics system. Not gaming a bit more ram and a little bit of freedom. Seeing the jump in technology from the psx to the 2 and the 3 I see major differences. The 4 I see a test run to fuck the world into turning digital. I mean hey now we have to pay for PlayStation live. Thanks x box for that great idea. Money money money. I own a 360 a 3 a 4 and the new one. And to tell the truth I play my 3 and 360 any day over the new gen because the differences is literally just a bit of shading. We want games in the new era which is why oculus rift and steambox will drop the nuke on Nintendo Microsoft and PlayStation and burn them for eternity due to the upgraded games. Stop trying to make graphics better and how Bout we actually work on a 3 disc install game for ps3 Xbox that’s over 60 gigs that has so many features it blows our minds and that the game will last for time. How about putting work into something instead of giving us garbage that can only do so much more in the graphical area. We got a touch pad thats barely implimented and seeing how many cross platform games will do this I see70% of games not even showing the full potential of either system the Xbox one or the ps4. This ongoing war will never end gaming will forever be a product of the future but we really need to stop trying to rush to the future enjoy and build on what we have now instead of scrapping and upgrading a few things like I phones or androids and the next phone your going to buy which is the same as the last like next gen console put today. I’m sad to see this and I’m sad to hear unless all the consoles are the same we will never see a unit that can actually burn further and be called the better gaming system for real not some fight cause you only own x box it’s better or playstation. I wait for the day a console lives to its name for the people and not for its own legacy.

  18. I get around 4 to 5 hours max on the controller. That is garbage compared to any other system. My XBox One controller lasts 2 to 3 times as long as the DS4 without needing a recharge.

  19. I get 16-18 hours on one charge from my PS3 controller. and I only get 5-6 on my PS4 controller. why would the battery life on a newer generation system fail to meet that of its older one? 7-10 hours I call BS never seen more than 6 on anyone of my three controllers. also they are junk wear out in months triggers break (rebuilt the first controller L2 R2 triggers do to breaking), analog sticks fall apart. my PS3 controller is 9+ years old looks and works like day one out of the box. and just so you know i have been forced to run a extension usb cable as to not have to be bothered with switching out the controllers. Albeit the PS4 is built with new technology the components of the system and controller are made with junk inferior parts. PS on my second PS4 system (hints why i have so many controllers). first one died of graphic chip failure. PS3 has never had a problem in near ten hard years of play. shame on you Sony shame…

    • I had an issue with the R2 trigger on my launch model PS4 controller locking up on me, and my brother’s later model controller has had the thumbsticks wear off it, so I totally agree that as far as the physical components are concerned, the PS4 controller doesn’t seem to hold up as well as other controllers…but I’ve never had an issue with my launch PS4 console itself; it’s still chugging after more hours on it than I can count. Shame yours didn’t last :/

      2 years after this article was first written, I now wonder why Sony hasn’t addressed the consumer complaints about the controller. To be fair, I still love the feel of the controller and I personally think it’s my favorite controller of all time…but I know not everyone shares that view and people have had issues with theirs since day one. I just wonder why Sony hasn’t really done much about it, whether it’s complaints about trigger sticking, battery life, thumbstick grips, etc.

  20. Finally someone said it, But I also have a bunch of gripes with this Article.

    Yes, The DS4 holds a fine, maybe arguably average charge. But whining like a little pussy boy and belittling others for play-time is NOT the way to go at it. You sound like a Sony Pony, just rising up to defend your big coorperation at any given cost.
    You have correct statements such as the Light bar not doing shit to the battery life as everyone suggests. Do you people know how light distribution and refraction works? It’s not that difficult.
    You also point out simple solutions. My solution is always have at least 2 controllers whenever you have a console. When one dies, you use the other, and charge the dead one while you’re playing. It’s not hard people.

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