Trials Fusion Top Five (#TFTF) Week Six

Trials Fusion Top Five (#TFTF) Week Six

You know what day it is, right? It’s Saturday, and that means another Trials Fusion Top Five! In this article, you’ll see my five favorite user created tracks in Trials Fusion made over the past week. Today, we’ve got a Super Monkey Ball inspired Skill Game, another Trial Tricks track from DOCTOR_SLEEP, a quite challenging Pit Viper course, a follow up to Pure Nature from a few weeks ago, and an ominous track in a rainy environment. Take a look at this week’s #TFTF!

Each track is chosen on a few basic criteria:
-How much I enjoyed it
-How true it stays to its difficulty rating
-How creative it was and how well it was designed

Typing the title of each track into the Trials Fusion in-game search engine should pull up the desired track. The engine is case sensitive, so you must input them exactly how they’re written here. Note that these tracks are on the PS4 version of Trials Fusion (I’m not sure if tracks are shared among all systems). Let’s go! (Click on each picture for a larger image, if you’d like.)


#1: Pure Nature pt.2
Creator: PSYCHOTIC-909
Difficulty: Easy

This Pure Nature track is a sequel to one featured a couple weeks ago, and it’s even better than the first. This time, aside from seeing the rainforest and greenery, you’ll head underwater and inside a cave as well. The track is fun and engaging while still being easy to traverse. I definitely recommend this track.

Trials Fusion™_20140529170542Trials Fusion™_20140529170602

#2: The Unforgiving
Creator: Mattyb2001uk
Difficulty: Hard

This track isn’t quite as unforgiving as the name makes it sound, but it’s still pretty tough. Better than that, the art style really makes good use of the headlight, for the first time I’ve seen in Trials Fusion. The track is pretty dark and rainy, so having the headlight on the bike to be able to help see with is a huge plus.

Trials Fusion™_20140531091402Trials Fusion™_20140531091600

#3: Super Trials Ball lv 01
Creator: Wunder_Blunder
Skill Game

This Skill Game takes you back to the days of Super Monkey Ball. The course isn’t incredibly difficult, but it is still tough enough that I had to retry a handful of times. Unlike some other similar levels I’ve tried, this one isn’t extremely sluggish, and the ball actually moves at a decent speed. Give this one a shot!

Trials Fusion™_20140531092238Trials Fusion™_20140531092428

#4: Trial Tricks Part 3
Difficulty: Hard

These Trial Tricks tracks just keep getting better and better. This third incarnation is the best of the trilogy, and there are so many new, unique obstacles in here that I haven’t ever seen utilized before. This is one of my favorite user-created Trials tracks of all time, and it’s certainly worth a look because there are a plethora of things I didn’t get in the screenshots.

Trials Fusion™_20140529171743Trials Fusion™_20140529171701

#5: Ancient Alien Ruins
Creator: NinjaKangaroo85
Difficulty: Hard

This is the toughest track of the week. As the creator says in the track description, “I hope you paid attention in viper school.” You’ll need it. This Pit Viper track is perfectly designed so that all the obstacles are doable, but they seem outrageously tough at first. The track has a nice flow, but that didn’t stop me from racking up over 200 faults in one run…

Trials Fusion™_20140529173738Trials Fusion™_20140529173704

Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back next week! If you have a suggestion, tweet it to me @GS_Matt for your shot at being featured next week!


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