Trials Fusion Top Five (#TFTF) Week 5

Trials Fusion Top Five (#TFTF) Week 5

It’s Saturday again, and that means another Trials Fusion Top Five! Coming up, you’ll see my favorite tracks created on the PS4 version of Trials Fusion in the past seven days. This week, the majority of my favorites are technique based tracks, and one great creator managed to land two on this list! We have a Rabbit-only level at the beach, and a football themed Skill Game. Let’s take a look at this week’s #TFTF!

Each track is chosen on a few basic criteria:
-How much I enjoyed it
-How true it stays to its difficulty rating
-How creative it was and how well it was designed

Typing the title of each track into the Trials Fusion in-game search engine should pull up the desired track. The engine is case sensitive, so you must input them exactly how they’re written here. Note that these tracks are on the PS4 version of Trials Fusion (I’m not sure if tracks are shared among all systems). Let’s go! (Click on each picture for a larger image, if you’d like.)

#1: Trial Tricks Part One
Difficulty: Hard

This is the first of two tracks by DOCTOR_SLEEP, and it’s a fun one. The track is pretty lengthy, clocking in at over five minutes for an average player. Nonetheless, it’s just difficult to be addicting and challenging without being rage inducing. Moving platforms, Wipeout-style Big Red Balls and plenty of other obstacles make this one a great course.

Trials Fusion™_20140524101527Trials Fusion™_20140524101729


It seems like taking the easy way out to just pick two tracks from the same guy, but rest assured that this track is chosen because it is even better than Part One. Some obstacles are similar (Big Red Balls among them), but some are brand new, and they’re inventive. There are some obstacles in Part 2 that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and again, this track is tough without inducing rage. Check both of these out!

Trials Fusion™_20140524101149Trials Fusion™_20140524101230

I give a nice round of applause for this track! The point is simply to ram your head into the cylinder with enough force to make the field goal. It’s simple yet addicting, just like most games on the mobile phone market. I had a tough time figuring out how to get just the right snap with my rider’s neck, but once I mastered it, it seemed so easy. This was definitely a fun one.

Trials Fusion™_20140524101411Trials Fusion™_20140524101432

I enjoy well designed Rabbit-only courses, and this is one. The level is made specifically to suit the Rabbit’s quirks, and it succeeds. The backdrop is a nice one to accompany the track, and it’s an enjoyable experience… not to mention an interesting one, as all Rabbit tracks are.

Trials Fusion™_20140524102325Trials Fusion™_20140524102351

Here is another technique centered course. Unlike the previous ones on this list, Technique playroom utilizes explosives and has an art style centered on tires rather than cubes and blocks. It’s not as tough as the others, but it is difficult nonetheless. I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too!

Trials Fusion™_20140524102136Trials Fusion™_20140524102124

That’s it for this week! Be sure to comment with your favorite tracks, and shout one out if you’ve created one on the PS4 this week. Even tweet a screenshot of it to @GS_Matt and I might feature it next week!

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