Gamers Sphere Presents: the Uncanny XBox Show, Episode #1

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Episode #1. Tuesday, May 21st, 2014. OK, first and last show that I do falling asleep at the wheel, but regardless: Welcome!!! To the first of what we hope will be a long journey together through the Xbox Universe. Join myself, Gamers Sphere Senior Xbox Editor, Agasicles Stamas and my courageous companion, fellow GS Xbox Editor, Brad Austin, as we try to bring you extended commentary on Gamers Sphere’s Xbox coverage. We’re firmly on the road leading up the E3, and Microsoft’s familiar Rolling Thunder PR campaign is well underway, with trickling tidbits of rumors and name-drops of what we can expect at the show. Give a listen to Brad and my commentary on various Xbox topics, get to know us a little better as Xbox gamers, and please, please, share a little bit about yourselves in the comments. Also, please get in touch with myself and GS General News Editor Rachel Leigh if you want to get in on our Game with the Gamers Sphere Editors night, kicking off on the Xbox One on June 1st. Here’s the rundown on this episode:

You can download the podcast here:

The Uncanny Xbox Show, Episode #1


Cast: Agasicles Stamas and Brad Austin

File Size: 28.7 MB

Show Length: 31:22


00:00 – Intros and how the show is going to work

1:35 – Games with Gold June Update; Brad does a little sleuthing and provides the breakdown on how this program is expected to work

5:31 – Brad and I talk about struggling to time manage your gaming life and how to make time for your preferred platform

9:08 – Brad thinks gamers feel that PlayStation Plus is a better deal in terms of game quality than Games with Gold

11:48 – Thoughts on the Titanfall companion app, now available for Windows PC’s and Tablets

16:12 – While just a rumor, both of us are excited about the prospect of external storage being enabled on the XB1; and as I start to doze off while talking, for some reason, I talk about not being able to hook up a headset while a USB drive is plugged in to the XB1’s USB port (should have talked about not being able to plug in a play-and-charge kit)

20:22 – News of a new controller coming to the Xbox 360

25:28 – The rest of the news in a rush as we get pressed for time; starting off with the confirmed layoffs at Rare and Fable Legend’s playable demo

26:08 – Deals with Gold Update, and Agasicles continues to rant about the convoluted pricing model that defines Killer Instinct

30:08 – Outros


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