The Flapping Dead: First Impressions

The Flapping Dead: First Impressions

Love it or hate it, everyone has heard of Flappy Bird, or at least the controversy of the game being taken off the marketplace, and the insane lengths people would have gone to in order to get a copy of the game. But have you heard of a game called The Flapping Dead?

I surely hadn’t heard of this Small Fish Studios‘ game until a friend of mine pointed it out to me over a post on Facebook. While ultimately the game is similar to Flappy Bird in game mechanics, there are vast differences presented in the game.

The Flapping Dead is a cross between Flappy Bird and the iconic TV Show/Comic Book/Video Game The Walking Dead. And therefore, the game has a zombie feeling to it. And, since many people already know, I have a fondness for zombies, so I just had to try this game out.

At its core The Flapping Dead is Flappy Bird, just reimagined. You have to continuously tap the screen at the correct times in order to maneuver your bird through the obstacles and see how long you can live, that aspect didn’t change. But, there are some key things that set The Flapping Dead apart from its predecessor Flappy Bird.

Screenshot_2014-05-15-00-07-50The first difference I noticed was the fact that there was a bit more of a level-up aspect to this version of the game that wasn’t in Flappy Bird. In The Flapping Dead, players are rewarded for their hard work in passing all the levels.

The way in which Small Fish Games has decided to reward their players is by offering level-up characters. Every time you reach a new milestone within the game, you unlock a new character from the TV series. With this feature, iconic characters are represented; and the first one that players are able to access is Rick. But, the better you are at The Flapping Dead, the more characters you’ll get to play and unlock.

Screenshot_2014-05-15-00-09-11Are you bad at The Flapping Dead and find yourself continuously dying without getting a level up but you still want to unlock characters anyway? That’s okay, you can just unlock them by buying the character pack for $0.99. Now me, not being good at The Flapping Dead, I bought the characters. It could be considered ‘cheating’, I know. But hey, I wanted to play as other characters, other than Rick, and I was also interested in seeing what other characters Small Fish Games introduced into the game.

I was pleased to find all of my favorite characters were present and accounted for, all showing different aspects that define who they are. For example, the Governor has a little eye-patch, and Merle has a cute little knife arm. (Well, maybe the whole ‘knife arm’ thing isn’t too cute, but The Flapping Dead makes it cute!)

There also doesn’t seem to be an increased difficulty level in the game as you choose new characters you’ve unlocked. The difficulty remains the same whether you play as the first character that comes with the game, Rick, or as the last character you unlock Merle. The game remains the same, just with a new character skin.

Screenshot_2014-05-15-00-17-35Another interesting thing I saw within the game was the ability to choose a different level. No more will you be always forced to play the same level with the same background. No, The Flapping Dead lets you choose between two different backgrounds, one being the fences from the prison, and the other being trees from the woods. At least, that’s where I’d figured these backgrounds would have showed up within the series. Will the game get updates to maybe add more locations as the group moves through the zombie filled world? Maybe, perhaps. At least I can hope, right?

Also, in both environments there is no longer a cheery happy background that Flappy Bird possessed. Instead, there is a decaying city landscape with zombies littering the ground as you tap your character through the obstacles to get them to the end. But, lets face it, there is never really an end to The Flapping Dead, just as there wasn’t an end to Flappy Bird. You just keep going as long as you possibly can, looping through the obstacles trying to survive. Sort of a metaphor for the hypothetical zombie apocalypse, isn’t it? Running through obstacles until the ultimate end.


Ultimately, The Flapping Dead is a cute game that brings in fans of both Flappy Bird and The Walking Dead. Its free, so there’s no need to actually pay anything for the game. Unless you want to, of course. There are options to remove ads for a fee, and also options to unlock all the characters at once for a fee. Or, you can play with the adds and unlock the characters the old fashioned way by playing the game. And, I think the game is worth a play if you’re fans and would love a mix-up of the two. Its done well, and its cute. Its sure to please any Flappy Bird and The Walking Dead fan.

The Flapping Dead is available on Android and iOS devices.

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