GameWatch for 5/11/2014 – a List of the Gamers Sphere Editors’ Most Highly Anticipated Games

GameWatch for 5/11/2014 – a List of the Gamers Sphere Editors’ Most Highly Anticipated Games

Some of the editors of Gamers Sphere (GS) held a (virtual) summit today and racked and stacked a list of our currently most hotly anticipated games. For some editors, this was the game that was next on their purchase list horizon. For others, it was the one game to rule them all that is coming out sometime this year. That one game that, despite playing other things in-between now and its release, defines the year’s outlook for them. Give a read and consider putting some of these on your own shopping list if they were not there already. Welcome to the GameWatch, where we will keep you apprised of the games that are last on our minds when our heads hit the pillow.

jamesJames Seda, GS Social Media Manager. I’m pretty hyped for the new WOW expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Wow’s 5th expansion. I’m excited to see Outland as it was before the Burning Crusade and the new updated character models. Plus the all mighty Level 90+ boost.

Release Date: Fall 2014, Platform: PC, Developer/Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment 




MOAAG GamersSphere LogoMatt Shiflet, GS PlayStation Editor and Copy Editor. This year, I’m really looking forward to Destiny by Bungie. As a gigantic Halo fan, I’m anxiously awaiting Bungie’s next foray into the gaming world. The game looks stunning, graphically, and the gameplay looks fun, immersive, inventive, and enjoyable. I’m ready to jump into the vast world that Bungie and Activision are promising. With my pre-order in place, I get to do so early, thanks to the Beta that will be beginning in the coming months. Who will join me on the journey to save Earth and fulfill our Destiny?

Release Date: 9/9/2014, Platform: PS4/PS3/360/XB1, Developer/Publisher: Bungie/Activision



bradaustinBrad Austin, GS Mobile Games Editor and YouTube Channel Manager. The game I am most looking forward to is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I’m most excited because the developers promise authenticity in the game. Peter Jackson, director of the LoTR trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy, is working with Monolith to make sure that the game feels as authentic as possible. The last time I truly felt like I was in Middle Earth was when I played The Third Age on my PS2. I can’t wait to see what Monolith and Jackson have done with this timespan between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, which is when the game takes place. The story follows a new character (Talion) in a familiar world we all love. The music in the latest trailer, Banished From Death, was an original score but it sounded like it was straight out of the movies – that’s how authentic this thing feels. That’s what I’m most excited about.

Release Date: 10/7/2014, Platform: PS4/PS3/360/XB1/PC, Developer/Publisher: Monolith/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


RachelRachel Leigh, Co-Host of The Regular Joe Gamer Show and Contributing Writer. The game I’m looking most forward to in 2014 is, surprise surprise, H1Z1 from SOE for the Playstation 4 and PC. I love all things zombie, and zombie games are right up there at the top of the list. And H1Z1 seems like the zombie game from my dreams, a first-person online MMO where I’m put into a survival situation in a zombie apocalypse. The game also goes through times of day, including daytime and nighttime. And, if the game continues to play while I’m away, that’s fantastic. I can go in and see my stronghold taken over by either zombies, or other humans. Often times, in zombie apocalypse fiction, after the first initial outbreak the biggest enemy you face is not the zombies themselves, but the humans willing to survive. You can either band together as a team, or try to survive on your own. Historically in zombie games and movies, if you try to survive on your own, surely you’ll die; either overtaken by zombies or by other groups of humans you cannot defend yourself against. It will be interesting to see how H1Z1 interacts as an encapsulated environment and if it steps up to the plate and fulfills my hopes and dreams. While there is no release date for H1Z1 at this time, it is hopefully going to be coming sometime this year.

Release Date: 2014, Platform: PS4/PC, Developer/Publisher: SOE

AgasiclesAgasicles Stamas, GS PlayStation, PC Games, and Hardware Reviews Editor. I’m with Matt on this one. Playing the campaign that stretched from Halo through Halo 3 defined a large part of my gaming experience across two console generations. I have not had the chance to play co-op in a Bungie title since the original Halo, and I am very much looking forward to doing so in Destiny this fall. I do worry about the chance that the game will be overly reminiscent of Halo itself. And I could care less about the multiplayer, as I expect to see the same elements that made be disinterested in Halo multiplayer. Still, I am confident that Bungie can weave a new mythology and create a sufficiently interesting universe with its own lore that will keep me firing away through the franchise’s finale. Just please give me dual-wielding weapons without all of the Halo contraints.

Release Date: 9/9/2014, Platform: PS4/PS3/360/XB1, Developer/Publisher: Bungie/Activision


JohnHeatzJohn Heatz, GS Editor-in-Chief. My most anticipated is Watch Dogs for this year, because The Division is a 2015 title. Being how security is one of the top priorities, if not the top priority, of every single company, and how technology is moving forward at such a fast pace, it is only a matter of time until Aiden Pierce’s job becomes a recognized full-time job in real world. With an open world Chicago city, and plenty of missions to complete, Watch Dogs is the game I’ve been looking for since its announcement back at E3 2012, even after that horrible gameplay trailer that showed some awful downgrade in its graphics.

Release Date: 5/27/2014, Platform: PS4/PS3/360/XB1/PC/WiiU, Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

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