Top 5 Scariest Characters From Non-Horror Games

Top 5 Scariest Characters From Non-Horror Games

As many of you know, the only horror game I have ever played is Outlast, and I’m still pushing through that one.

I nearly messed my pants plenty of times while playing video games as a kid, and this was all before I even knew the horror genre was a thing. Sometimes I would get so scared I wouldn’t play the game for quite a while before coming back to force myself to play for the sake of beating the game. Funny enough, this all happened to me while playing my Nintendo 64. No games on any other console has given me this problem. What was it with these old games having super scary crap in their E/T-Rated games??

So these are the top five villains/characters that caused me to quit the game for days – even weeks – and they weren’t even in horror games.

#5 – The Eel from Super Mario 64

This thing was my first horrifying water level encounter ever. The vast majority of gamers born in the early 90’s and before can agree that under-water levels are terrifying. It’s an unnatural environment. Lack of oxygen and creatures and being lost are all the things that are trying to kill you.

Jumping through the painting and into this level gave me a strange feeling right off the bat. All I could see was water… And no enemies were above it, so I figured they must all be below it. That alone made me nervous.

Needless to say, that damn eel gave me a heart attack. Much like the player in the picture below, I stayed away from that level for as long as I could. I jumped into the water and made my way to the ship, only to swim back up as soon as I saw the eel’s head poking out of the ship.

Freakin eel

It took me nearly 10 years, maybe longer, to go back. Last summer was the first time I’ve gone back to that level since my first encounter with the beast. Even then, getting those stars was gut wrenching.


#4 – ReDeads from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

From what I’ve read on the internet, these guys traumatized many young gamers’ childhoods. Thing is, I hadn’t played Ocarina of Time until last summer. Picture a 19-year-old who is home from college for summer freaking out when he encounters his first ReDead.


I could hear their moans before I walked into the room, so I was already a little creeped out. Little did I know that it was only getting started.

I wandered around in that dungeon for almost an hour trying to fight these things and getting the crap scared out of me the whole time before figuring out that I needed to get the song that brought daylight and killed them. I was terrified because I couldn’t kill them and they kept surprising me with their petrifying screams.

ReDead love me gif

#3 – Dianogas from Shadows of The Empire

This is the little prick that tried to strangle Luke in A New Hope. There is a sewer level in the game, Shadows of The Empire that consists of semi-under water parts. This was my all-time favorite N64 game right under F-Zero X, but it soon became the game I avoided when I could as soon as I heard this creature’s roars coming from under the water.


Over the months, I braved the level, getting farther each time but continuously giving up. Sometimes I wouldn’t know one of the damn beasts was in the room until I dropped into the water to be surprised by a roar accompanied by tentacles.

I can’t seem to find a picture of it, but there is a giant Dianoga that serves as a boss at the end of the level. I’ve provided a picture of one of the smaller ones below, and it’s still quite scary, especially to a child. The boss is massive, and it has a large, open mouth with plenty of teeth that you can sink down into if you’re not careful… and that’s exactly what I did. It scared the hell out of me, and I haven’t tried beating the game since. I play up to that point, then wish and pray for the strength to try that level again, but no such power comes.


#2 – Andross from Star Fox 64

Sure, the game is a little dark. It’s probably one of the darker Nintendo games, but I never expected a jump scare like this one.

andross popup

Andross still scares me today. He gets all up in your face, chews you up and spits you back out and laughs at you. But that’s not the worst part. Once you get past that black silhouette and jumpscare and defeat him, Andross blows up and shows an android-like form. It almost seems to flap like a bird, and it flaps right toward you with its creepy face. And there’s a special battle with Andross where instead of becoming this android, he becomes his true-form: a brain and pair of eyes.

andross android

#1 – Clanker from Banjo Kazooie

The number one scariest character from a non-horror game comes from Rare’s timeless Banjo Kazooie. It’s an extremely cute game, where sometimes even the enemies are cute. The entire game sounds like an acid trip – a bear runs around with a bird in his backpack as they try to rescue his sister from an evil witch who just wants to be pretty. The game had a couple of jumpscares, but those were mostly because I wasn’t paying attention. The hidden enemies that sometimes scared me could easily be seen if I was paying attention.


But this guy. He looks so happy! In the screenshot, anyway. While playing the game, it’s horrible. The craziest part is that he’s not even an enemy. I just remember literally dropping the controller when the loading screen finished and this big, robotic fish’s face popped up. I shut my N64 off and went to my happy place, F-Zero X. After a day or so, though, I put the game back in and decided I wanted nothing to do with this guy. I immediately swam to the surface, and was too scared to swim anywhere near him. I don’t think I ever got past that level.


Sure, he’s nice-looking enough. But to a 6-year-old, Clanker was terrifying.


I’ve been scared by a few other things in non-horror games, but none of them hindered my progress in any way like the characters above. Some honorable mentions: The shark from Batman: Arkham City, the seventh colossus, Hydrus, in Shadow of The Colossus, and the ghosts of the New Londo Ruins from Dark Souls.

What are some of the scariest characters you’ve encountered outside the horror genre? Let us know, and as always, gamers, thanks for reading. For more news, reviews, fun editorials and more, stick around Gamers Sphere. Play hard.

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  2. I’ve never considered these characters as scary but I do admit the ReDeads are way creepy :-0

    • You’ll also have to take into consideration that the person who wrote this was also scared of Cookie Monster for the longest time. This kid had some problems xD

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