7 Tips if You’re a Poor Gamer

7 Tips if You’re a Poor Gamer

That’s right, you.  Don’t look away, I see you.  Covering your head like you’re all ashamed of not being able to afford the latest games.  Don’t sweat it buddy, I hear you.  It takes one to know one, right?  What’s funny about being “poor” is that you always tend to think you’ve got it so bad.  There are times where I’ve re-played a game and because I’ve played it so many times, I just don’t enjoy it anymore and I’ve thought to myself, “I’ve got it so bad. I can’t afford new games so I can’t join the cool kids in conversation.” 

Not everybody earns a great wage and is able to fork over between R600 ($60) and R800 ($80) for a game.  Shit, I had to budget for two months just to purchase Arkham Origins:  A Cold, Cold, Heart which was only R95. ($10 roughly) With that said, me being a “poor gamer” (if there even is such a thing) and feeling like the world is always out to get me (which it probably is), I decided to compile a top 7 list for you to peruse at your own leisure.  These are just the cheap and smart things that we should do in order to get our gaming fix.  Use it, don’t use it.


  1. I cannot stretch or sell this anymore than I have in the short time here at Gamers Sphere.  Get PSplusIconSmall.  I sound like a broken record, but every month, if you’re a subscriber to PSplusIconSmall, you will receive free games, including games for your Vita.  If you are like me and don’t own a Vita, then deal with the fact that you might only receive two or three new games every month depending on your console, and feel bad because you don’t own a Vita.  In any case, the free games include Vita, PS3 & PS4, so there should be enough there to tide you over.game_time_steam
  2. Budget your gaming time if you really have a small library of games, or do what I do and read a shit load of gaming news, watch the YouTube videos of gameplay, and of course feel sorry for yourself because you’re watching instead of playing the games.xbox-sale
  3. When you see a sale, either at the store, on PSN, Steam or Xbox live, don’t splurge just yet.  Think about what you’re getting.  if you’re a PC gamer, check Steam out, they have amazing sales; become a member and check out the discounts.  If you’re on PSN, watch out for the sales they have every now and then.  In the last two months, Sony has had three great sales.  They had a flash sale, an Easter sale, and now a Great Games, Great Prices sale.  To give you an example, I purchased a R200 ($20) PSN voucher.  I purchased Arkham Orgins DLC and had R105 ($10.50…I think) left.  Instead of just splurging the rest of the cash, I had a bit of patience and a new sale started.  With my R105, I’ve purchased Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the Prince of Persia Trilogy pack.  Far Cry and PoP were roughly R40 ($4) each.  So, in effect, I just bought four games for under R100 ($10).   ac_bells
  4. Save your change.  Every time you go out and purchase odds and ends and you get coins back, don’t use them.  Put them in your gaming jar and let it grow, forget about it; it doesn’t exist until D-Day.  You never know when a few bucks will help you out.  When you do have enough in that jar, don’t be ashamed to hand it over to the exceptionally ill-tempered cashier who now has the pleasure of counting your hard-earned pennies.  Feel bad if you need to, smile sheepishly at the people in the queue that you are now holding up, take your games graciously, and skip out of the store.gamefly_
  5. Rent and borrow games.  There are a few places that you can rent games online and keep them for a really long time, even by rental standards.  For us in South Africa, we don’t have the luxury.  Find the video store that you know looks after their discs and games and rent a few.  Renting and borrowing games does have a time limit, but it’s better than nothing.  If you really need something to play and prefer only a few genres, step out of your comfort zone.  If one of your friends has a game that you never really wanted to try but you have nothing else to play, then why not try it?  Who knows, you might actually enjoy a whole new genre and it will open another door of possibilities that will probably make you poorer than what you are right now (oops…).  Expand your horizons.Green-Man-Gaming
  6. This one is a bit more on the sensitive side but, if you’re really strapped for cash, then consider trading in the games you actually don’t particularly enjoy or even play that often.  Think on it and be honest with yourself about the games you own.  Do you own them just for the sake of owning them or do you still find enjoyment in them?  If it’s the former, then take them to the trade in places and see what they can work out.  You can get some great secondhand games at really cheap prices.  While I don’t necessarily agree with the sale of secondhand games, I do understand that when times are tough, sometimes it’s a viable option as a broke ass consumer.  But I would highly suggest really trying to at least finding cheaper original games at discounted prices.  Refer to tips 1 and 3.PS_trophies
  7. Trophy hunting\Achievements.  Trophies add a great level of replayability, encouraging you to play the game a different way.  Sometimes they can be tedious and annoying, but at least you’re playing games and at the end of it all, you’ll hear a beautiful ping. If you’re committed, you’ll obtain a Platinum, a trophy that you will never be able to hold or touch.  It’s totally worth it though.

These are just few things that you could do to help maintain your gaming addiction.  There are plenty of other things you could also do, and remember these apply to other, probably more important aspects of your life, so feel free to leave your suggestions below.

*empty pockets cartoon courtesy of reddit.com*
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