Outlast Walkthrough Part 4

Outlast Walkthrough Part 4

Our Dungeon Keeper extraordinaire struggles onward in his terrifying tour of Mount Massive Asylum in Outlast. In this episode, Brad runs into the “naked dudes” once again, and suffers a death from “the big man.”

If you’re enjoying Brad’s first-ever playthrough of a horror game, hit that Like button so we can force him through more horrific misery!

Did you like Brad’s reactions and nervousness? Stick around for more then!

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Brad Austin is a columnist at Gamers Sphere and a full-time student at Stephen F. Austin State University. He tightly holds onto his belief that video games are art, and hopes to achieve world peace by spreading this belief. Follow Brad on Twitter so that he'll actually have a reason to Tweet. Oh, and to see some rad yoyo tricks.

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