Wayback Wednesday – Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

Wayback Wednesday – Barbarian:  The Ultimate Warrior

One of my friends had a Comodore 64 and he had a library of games to choose from.  I can’t remember what other games those were but one in particular stood out.  It may have been the big boobed chick on the cover to be honest.

One of the games that was in this list was called Barbarian:  The Ultimate Warrior.

It was a very basic fighting game and a fun one at that.  It was a pretty generic story. You play as the strong barbarian who is on a quest to save a hot princess wearing a bikini. *Yeah, you read that right* In order to accomplish this daunting task you will be cast into the fighting pit and will have to defeat all 8 of the evil Wizard’s barbarian fighters.

The game itself was pretty much just survive each round but the way you survived and the way you attacked made it an intense fighter and the fact that it was sword fighting made it even more interesting to me and it was pretty strategic or at least it was when I played it. 

When the round started it immediately just gets action packed.  It was fast and frenetic.  One minute you would be on the defensive, blocking and countering blows from your opponent and then as soon as the enemy slipped up you would have your opening to unleash hell on him.  I remember getting pushed back to the left side of the screen and this guy just wouldn’t let up on the attacks.  I was just defending and I couldn’t do anything else.  Somehow I managed to break free of him cornering me and I now had him in the corner.  I attacked and hit him a good few times but then the son of a bitch made an evasive roll right under me and got back to the middle of the screen.  When he stood up again, I swear I could feel him taunting me.  I remember thinking that roll was the coolest thing I had ever seen.  You also had a variety of special attacks that you could use, one I remember was swinging the sword like a propeller blade but I never did connect with that move.  I always missed.

After a few more minutes of clashing swords, evasive maneuvers, a headbutt and some little kids curse words the competitor got the better of me and in one foul swoop his sword severed my head from my body.  My headless corpse dropped to the floor.  Then, a goblin came out, kicked my head and dragged my body away.


While the visuals from the above picture might not be enough to entice you, the gameplay’s brutality is.

It was fast, brutal, bloody action and I would love to play it again.

Speaking of fast, brutal and bloody action.  Have you guys gone to check out Broforce on Steam?  It’s a S.A. indie developed game which features 80’s and 90’s action heroes in an over the top run ‘n’ gun platformer similar to Metal Slug and Contra.  It’s fast paced, filled with explosions and worth every penny!

If you haven’t I highly suggest you check out the Brototype and then when you realize you need more head on over to their early access page on Steam and purchase the game there for only $15.

Seriously, do it!



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