The Current Problem With The PS4

The Current Problem With The PS4

I’ve had my Playstation 4 since launch, and I haven’t had many complaints about it. Overall, it’s a very solid system, and I am quite glad that I made the purchase. Despite all the great things I can say about the system, right now, the PS4 is failing in one key department: exclusive triple-A titles, and really, triple-A titles in general. Although my PS+ subscription is bringing me a free game every month, I’m missing the large-scale titles that boggle the mind. I’ve been waiting for that game to define the platform, much like Titanfall has become for the Xbox One. Today’s Infamous: Second Son is a step in the right direction, but I think that Sony has a lengthy road ahead of them if they want to truly prove that they have the big titles we’re looking for.

I’ve been kept at bay with the free PS+ games every month. I loved Dead Nation this month, and last month’s Outlast was even better. I wasn’t a huge fan of Contrast, and I disliked Don’t Starve so much that I couldn’t even finish it, but that was due to personal preference; not because the games were bad. On the other hand, Resogun was one of my favorite titles if not my absolute favorite title of 2013. Overall, I’ve been given a handful of spectacular titles that I truly have enjoyed. I’m missing the big moments, however. Where are the large games to define the system?

RESOGUNDon’t get me wrong, I have nothing against indie games or indie developers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the indie games I’m getting for free every month. But I really haven’t had huge reasons to continue playing my PS4 past the initial experiences presented through these indie games. For example, Outlast was fun, but it only lasted about 5 or 6 hours. It’s not the type of game I’m likely to run through again, so I have no reason to revisit it and use my Playstation 4. Right now, I desire a big first party title to give me a reason to sink a couple dozen hours into my PS4. These indie games are bite-sized, and a gaming console for serious gamers should be focused on the major, lengthy experiences as much as these bite-sized ones. Sony has done a fantastic job at bringing indie games to light, but right now, they’re somewhat failing at bringing new, large, exclusive titles to fruition. Since launch day, we really haven’t had anything meet these criteria aside from the new Infamous.

For proof, let’s take a look at the current PS4 games that fit at least one of the criteria above (excluding launch titles) of new, large, or exclusive.

Escape Plan: Sony exclusive, yet small in scope and is cross platform between PS4, PS3, and Vita. Ported title; not new.
Doki Doki Universe: Again, small in scope, and cross platform between all Sony systems
flOw: Small, ported title from the PS3 to the PS4.
Infamous: Second Son: Meets all criteria; is a PS4 exclusive, and is a large, triple-A title.

That’s it. Unless I’m missing something, those are all the Sony exclusive titles that we’ve gotten aside from the ones on launch day. Even at that, only one is a PS4 exclusive. Two of them are ports from older consoles, and the other one is a Sony cross-platform title released since launch. The rest of the titles we’ve seen on the PS4 have been cross-platform ones, which gives us nearly no reason to buy the PS4 over the Xbox One, or even to buy a new console at all, since most of these titles have released on the PS3 and 360 as well.

Don’t let me be misunderstood; the PS4 has seen triple-A games since launch, such as Thief, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, The Lego Movie Video Game, and so on. It is also true that titles for the new generation of consoles often contain exclusive content and upscaled graphics. Therefore, I would be wrong to say that the PS4 doesn’t have triple-A games, and I would also be wrong to say that buying a PS4 is completely useless. Wording is key here, and I’m very carefully saying that the PS4 is lacking large, exclusive titles, and that (as far as gaming is concerned, barring other entertainment features) the only real reason to buy a PS4 is for a little exclusive content and better graphics. This is pretty depressing for me to admit, as I’m a huge Sony fanboy, believe it or not.

It is also true that more triple-A games will be releasinfamous-second-son-launch-screen-6ing on the PS4 soon, such as Watch_Dogs, Lego The Hobbit, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Again, however, we see a lack of exclusive titles aside from indie games. Really, we’ve only had one major exclusive (aside from the few launch titles) in the four months the Playstation 4 has been out in the wild, and if I had written this review yesterday, that number would be at zero since Infamous: Second Son only released today.

I’m purposely declining to compare the PS4 to the Xbox One or even the Wii U. The reason being that this isn’t a comparison game; it doesn’t matter whether the competitors have more or fewer games in general, or if they have more or fewer triple-A titles, or even exclusive titles. The point does not lie in games that will be released in the future either. The point of this article is that as a PS4 owner, right now, I am currently seeing a lack of worthwhile games that I can really devote some time and attention to. It’s plain and simple, and it has nothing to do with the competition.

If you love indie games, you can dispute this claim, and I’m sure you will. But I am a gamer who only has a slight interest in indie games, and yet I’ve been able to play nothing but indie games aside from a couple cross platform launch titles (that I could have gotten on my last-generation consoles without needing to buy a new $400 box) on my current budget. This is a problem because Sony made themselves look quite gaming oriented at E3 before the PS4 launched. Aside from Infamous, I’ve had no exclusives to look forward to, and this is a major problem for Sony; what’s the point in buying a PS4 over any other system if there aren’t exclusive titles that make the PS4 worthwhile?

What do you think? Is Sony doing alright at bringing the big titles to their system? Are you alright with the lack of exclusives to this point, given that there will be some in the future? Sounds off in the comments; I’d like to hear your opinions.

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My name is Matthew, and I’m an avid gamer. Video games and writing are my two passions. After graduation, I plan to enter the gaming industry as a news writer for a gaming trade publication or a public relations specialist for a publisher. I enjoy playing many different genres of games (though I'm horrible at RTS and brawlers). I try to diversify what I play so I can take in many different ideas, cultures, game and art designs, and aspects of gaming to appreciate it better. I’m a thinker, I love to learn, and I'm here to bring you the latest news and share my opinions through the occasional editorial.


  1. That seems to be the problem with both consoles not just the PS4. Xbox One has TItanfall but I don’t really consider that a AAA game. Both consoles came out in October and since then it’s been really quiet.

    • What makes a game AAA for you?

      • I love Titanfall play it everyday but it’s also on PC (and if they stop pushing it back to give the Xbox One some breathing room maybe some day on the Xbox 360) your article seems to be just flame bate because the impression your giving is that the PS4 alone is the only system with a lack of first party titles. Then you say something like “I’m purposely declining to compare the PS4 to the Xbox One or even the Wii U. The reason being that this isn’t a comparison game; it doesn’t matter whether the competitors have more or fewer games in general, or if they have more or fewer triple-A titles, or even exclusive titles.” Then what is the point of this….. If everyone is on the same boat then your title needs to be ‘The Problem Current gaming Consoles’. Cut it out… Now I have a PS4, Xbox One I don’t have a PROBLEM with either.

      • not going to lie to you dude this piece is a piece of crap if you’re going to be bias hide it more we can smell youre fanboyism from sa mile away

        • You can smell my fanboyism? How? I’m a PS4 fanboy… that’s being critical toward my fandom. How is that fanboyism?

          • That is the point. fanboyism is like terrorism it only makes sense to the the fanboy or terrorist.

    • Umm not both just Ps4 so please shush and over a million sales plus more every day beats any shitty title that Failstation 4 has put out there oh wait Indies don’t count lmfao 3 exclusives Ouch and Innfamous got 6/10 bahaahahhahaha

      • Too bad Killzone is the highest selling next gen title so far, and games that appear on both ps4 and xbone routinely sell more copy on Sony’s system. That puts a pin in your little insanity balloon. Go get mommy to change your diaper, you’re done here.

        • Of course he actually stated “other than launch titles”, which I assume means hmm…. titles at launch maybe? Killzone qualifies for that I think.

    • Titanfall, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Pebble 2, Garden Warfare. Oh, and an incredible Twitch app.

      The Xbox One has done a very good job already.

      • Funny you mention those games. Forza 5 and dead rising 3 being exclusive i give it to you. Titanfall was fun for like first hour but i can play it on pc. Garden warfare is released on xbox first but coming to other platforms eventually. What else from Microsoft that is impressive?

  2. Technically, and this is just a thought, if you have one console, every game released on it is exclusive. Why should I dismiss games because they are not “exclusive” to my console.

    Secondly, the console has been out for less than 6 months. I personally think its silly whenever anyone looks at a game console and goes “there are no games” There will always be games. Just look at the PS3 in 2007 then look at it in 2012.

    Lastly, both the PS4 and X1 are suffering from a lot of AAA games right now. But at least, the PS4 has at least 4 times more indie games released for every one the X1 has. Its also quite a big deal when you can say that every multiplat game will run better on the PS4, if you have both consoles, that kinda means you should buy all your games on the PS4.

    • not really. If your freinds have 1 console and it’s a multiplayer focused game (bf4 or ghosts) then you should buy it on that console. If the boost in graphics from the ps4 are worth more to you than your friends (if they have an x1) then you’re hanging out with the wrong people.

      • @idk
        If your friends are gaming on the weaker hardware at the higher price point, getting inferior multiplatforms and games lower in resolution and lower framerates, I would say you need some new friends. As you said yourself, you’re hanging out with the wrong people.

        • So you judge people based off of what console they own? You’re an idiot.

          • He doesn’tt say not to be friends with them… just to make new friends lol pretty easy via the psn or xbl generally. I don’t decide where to game based on what my friends are doing personally after all if they were buying all their games for the console that the games aren’t playing as well on etc and that costs MORE then…. well they ARE being stupid. It was a similar situation when ps3 launched. THe hardware was clearly better even if at the time devs weren’t getting the best out of it, when the exclusives finally started to come I had the hoice buy 360 and play COD etc with people I knew in real life or buy ps3 and try find people to play with on psn. I did the latter and still play online with them now. The exclusives were worth it and tbh alot of the time i’d rather not play with people I actually know online-I’d just go see them. THere’s a few exceptions however…

      • If your friends are gaming on the console with inferior multiplatforms, lower resolutions, lower framerates, higher price, and lower power, I’d say it’s time for some new friends. As you said, you are indeed hanging out with the wrong people.

  3. @Boyscout299

    AAA titles are made by MS and Sony owned studios. So since EA controls Titan Fall that eliminates it from being a AAA title.

    Now the PS4 actually has 3 AAA titles to date. Yes they are lacking but not nearly as much as the X1 who has none at the moment. Well maybe Plants vs. Zombies I think.

    • AAA titles can be made by any company you moron any 60 dolllar game is AAA title

    • Dead rising 3 forza 5 which is first party, ryse titanfall are all triple A titles they dont have to be first party to be triple AAA all 60 dollar games are triple AAA. plants vs. zombies is one of their exclusives that is not triple AAA like powerstar golf peggle 2 crimson dragon and some others… Ps4 only has knack killzone and infamous also kinect sports rivals which is first party will be coming out in a few weeks so it will be 5 to 3 in favor of x1. Look something up before you start talking nonsense

      • so if you say it like that then playstation have many indie games that can be considered exclusives. Not all 60 dollar games are AAA, for example naruto shippuden on xbox is 60 dollar and you considered that a triple A title?

  4. Nice job at leaving out Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack!!! Some gamer you are! Knack is not really on par with other AAA games but it is exclusive to PS4. Kz SF is exactly what this guy is supposedly looking for the last time I checked and. AAA title check, PS4 exclusive check. Kz SF released launch day with the PS4 and has sold over 2.1 million copies to a PS4 install base of about 7 million. That’s a really good attach rate! I guess some people only see what they want to or this guy is just pretending to be a gamer? I mean come on how do you miss that? lol!.

    • You missed that part where I said: “Unless I’m missing something, those are all the Sony exclusive titles that we’ve gotten aside from the ones on launch day.”

      Which would include Knack and Killzone 😛

  5. My PS4 was incredibly dusty until I got an inFamous review copy. Then that disappointed me and its gathering more dust.

    Sony is catching too much of a break for underperforming on software it’s first year. Even my Wii U was more entertaining during the initial months.

  6. You did forget a few big free-to-play titles aswell, such as DC Universe, and Warframe.
    The main reason it might be abit slow going is the Japan-release delay, leaves some room for the small people to get a spot on the store, but the triple and double-a titles out of japan will be slower than usual to get localized. 🙁

    It’s not too bad tough.. April and may looks to be extremely good for a launch year, compared to early summers other times. :-/

  7. How can a person be “not into indie games”? I see this a lot but don’t get it. It’s like saying a person is “not that into AAA games”…

    • A lot of indie games are interpretive. They’re very artistic, and I can appreciate that… just doesn’t mean I’m necessarily interest in playing them, if that makes any sense. Some indie games are just too quirky for me.

      • Indie games are “too quirky”? Seek help guy. Indie games are where the medium sees the most expression and risk taking. Always has. AAA games can’t afford to take the risks, they cost too much to make. They have to stick to formula, that’s why there is very little variation in the genre. It’s rare to get a AAA title to step out of it’s comfort zone to try something different, which is exactly indie games strong suit. Any gamer who loves games would enjoy all types, and all forms, of gaming. AAA or indie doesn’t really matter. Quality is quality, and there is plenty of quality and creativity on the indie scene. If you can’t recognize that, the reason must be because your gaming repertoire is pretty limited, because there is a little something for everyone on the indie scene.

        • “Any gamer who loves games would enjoy all types, and all forms, of gaming.”

          See, this is where you’re oh so wrong, and I mean this respectfully. I didn’t enjoy Half-Life 2… am I therefore not a gamer? I’m not a huge fan of RPG’s. I’ve tried them, but I find them to be only semi-appealing to me. Does that make me not a gamer because I don’t enjoy this type and form of games?

          A gamer is respectful of the fact that there are many different genres out there. A gamer will at the very least try the genre before he or she claims to dislike it. A gamer is not required to love all types of games, because if that were the case… well, where would we be? In a perfect utopia where everyone loves everything?

          As I said in the article, I enjoy some indie games like Resogun, Outlast, etc… I’m just not interested into diving into some of the quirkiest ones. I’m not bashing them, I’m not saying they’re bad. Just that they’re not really for me; there’s no harm in that.

          Hopefully that all makes sense 🙂

          • But that’s just it: Indie isn’t a genre

        • I’m with boyscout on this one. I’ve played very few Indie games that I think are worth my time. The latest being The Banner Saga.

  8. It’s always like this at launch of a new console. With my ps1, ps2 and xbox360 which I got at launch, it was a while before there was a decent triple A library of games. ( with PS1 I was so desperate for something to play, I played Killeak!)

  9. I always been with PlayStation ever since the PS1. They are always the only consoles I own but man, the Sony fanboys are just something else entirely. Literally the worst kind of fanboy…. (N4G).

  10. The PS4 has tons of great exclusives coming. Ever hear of the word patience? Look it up. Or would you rather have unfinished games be released so you can complain about how crappy they are?

  11. Fact of the matter is that the Xbox One and the PS4 are not pure next gen consoles (current gen now). Compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, the Xbox One and the PS4 have walked up a few steps. The last big (probably massive) leap was Mega Drive and SNES to Saturn and PlayStation. Too much hype, not living up to the hype, over priced consoles, over priced games, even over priced accessories, painfully slow new releases (that’s going to sum up 2014) and more of the same, has summed up the Xbox One and PS4 up to now. The Xbox 360 and the PS4 had a few more years left in them.

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