Planetside 2: Give Us Back Our AMS Galaxy

Planetside 2: Give Us Back Our AMS Galaxy

BLUF (bottom line up front):  Mr. Planetside, tear down this galaxy AMS restriction.

Do any of you remember the AMS galaxy back in PS2 beta?  It was so cool.  We’d fly in, set down, activate the AMS and go to town.  Nowadays you drive in, activate the AMS and go to town.  But we should be able to do both.  The game has progressed far enough to where whatever reasons were cause to remove the galaxy AMS are probably no longer relevant.  Even with the galaxy squad deploy, it doesn’t do the AMS galaxy justice…

Back then, you could deploy anywhere on the map no matter how far away, air vehicles weren’t fully developed, the walker & ranger were pretty much the same weapon, and sunderers hadn’t yet been implemented.  There was no lattice system to slow down and bottleneck the fighting.  A lot of these things were scaled back, and with it the thrilling chaos of war was replaced by a glorified deathmatch system that is very predictable.  This article isn’t about that, but it contributes to the discussion.

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Arguments once made that are no longer relevant:

1)  You can deploy it anywhere and create an unfair advantage.

As opposed to what? A sunderer inside the northwest tower stairs?  With the minimum deploy distance in place, this isn’t relevant anymore.  Gone are the days you can deploy next to “A” point, which would include a galaxy spawn.  And a galaxy deployed 2,000 meters away, over rough terrain in the mountains is severely handicapped in contributing to an assault.

2)  You have to search even harder for the enemy spawn.

GOOD.  Today’s PS2 is very predictable.  You’re looking for a sunderer, maybe a spawn beacon.  It’s behind a building, next to the outside tower, or under a tree where some random lone ranger with C4 ends the assault.  Besides, a galaxy is BIGGER than a sunderer, you can see it flying in, and it can’t fit in tight spots like a sunderer can.  Anything a galaxy can do, an ESF can do.  It has its own set of problems.

3)  You can deploy at the edge of a clif and let spawners fall on top of the point.

Unless they are light assault, that fall will probably kill them.  When defenders aren’t having a field day shooting them as they make their way down, the MAXs do the rest.  The galaxy is still completely vulnerable to liberators and ESFs.

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Conditions that make it appropriate:

1)  Makes galaxys more useful.

That huge amount of resources it cost to pull a galaxy makes it more valuable, rather than a one-hit-wonder that ends in a suicide into the nearest enemy force.  It also creates a reason for players to expand their horizons (ie, an AMS expert now has two playstyles to perfect).

2)  Another spawn option.

The hard-point, spawn beacon, sunderer trio is very predictable and becoming monotonous on how it ends.  Hard-points are camped, spawn beacons are blitzed, and sunderers are C4/mined by one light assault.  The galaxy squad deploy helps, but it’s still very limited.

3)  Creates another dimension of fighting.

Like #2 says, throw in something else.  The vehicle-infantry dimensions overlap, but the air-ground dimensions do not.  This would go a long ways to melding infantry, vehicle, and air.

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(click picture to enlarge)

4)  Able to set down on places that make it harder for some lucky C4 wannabe to drop on.

Enough said.  Those jerks.  But at the same time this placement, likely on top of some building, will probably be in full view of a turret or decimator.


Seriously.  You stupid ESFs, go rocket pod some other unfortunate thing.  Give these air vehicles (that nearly everyone complains about) something else to vent their schizophrenic problems on.

All in all, I think this would contribute to a more complete game.  It would embody the “total war” concept PS2 professes to work towards.


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  1. Questionable writing style.
    Anyway, I mostly agree with you that Galaxies should be able to AMS, since there’s practically no reason for someone not in a platoon to spawn one atm.
    Also, LAs haven’t been able to C4 a full health sundy for a while now.

    • Maybe it takes more than one, but all I said was that it took one LA. Thanks for your feedback.

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