GamersSphere SA Podcast #01

GamersSphere SA Podcast #01

Hey everybody!

Here it is!  The moment you have all been waiting for.  I know many of you have been super excited about this, I know the ladies have.  GamersSphere has the official South African podcast.  Join me and Merrick or Mav( I think it’s a Top Gun Reference) as we discuss anything and everything remotely gaming and sometimes go off the rails.  Our opinions are our opinions and whatever we say on the podcast doesn’t necessarily mean that they are GamersSphere’s opinions, just so you know.   For this podcast unfortunately Merrick had the flu so you’ll hear some cough’s at times, we’re only human after all despite the rumour.

Anyway, this is the first time we’ve ( Merrick and I ) have done a podcast so if the quality is not up to scratch, I apologize but trust me it sounds better now than what it initially did.  Everything was recorded on my Iphone, (yes Ophelia, my Iphone!  Another reason to have one) then cleaned up in Audacity which took forever!

We couldn’t upload this to YouTube because the file size to upload is horrendous by South African standards so we’ve opted to upload it to SoundCloud instead.  Weird right?  I would have had to convert a 50+mb MP3 to a 300mb file just to upload to YouTube.  The world is not balanced.

Feel free to leave comments, hate mail, suggestions or praise in the comments below!

I won’t bore you any longer.  Get ready for rhino riding, shark hunting, crocodile racing, tree swinging gaming goodness with sexy South African accents galore.

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