Planetside 2: ServerSmash, Connery vs. Miller, 96v96, February 22, 2014

Planetside 2: ServerSmash, Connery vs. Miller, 96v96, February 22, 2014

BLUF (bottom line up front):  PS2 Pickup hosted a 96v96 ServerSmash event (Connery vs. Miller).  Rules.  YouTube Video.  Miller won.

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, there was a huge war between the Connery (USW) server and the Miller (EU) server on the Planetside 2’s Test Server (PTS), on Hossin.  Connery played TR and Miller played NC.  Both sides brought 2 platoons (96 players) to the fight, and literally pummeled each other.  But there was a monkey wrench thrown into the match that made things a bit more interesting…

Participating Outfits

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The game began with a sizable air clash between the Connery and Miller pilots.  Connery pilots were briefly pushed back to their warpgate, but surged north with skyguards towards Acan Bio Lab while they sent a small force south to IxTab Amp Station.

Miller decided to sent the bulk of their force south to Hurakan Interlink.  The small force they sent north to Acan was held back by a forward Connery unit.  Connery pilots then returned the favor by pushing the Miller pilots back to their warpgate.

Once Miller took Hurakan, they then pushed inner-north to Broken Vale, but again faced another advance Connery unit dropped there to slow them down.  Before Connery reinforcements could arrive, a scat-MAX push from Miller pushed Connery out and started the cap on Broken Vale, which was right next to the objective.

Meanwhile, Connery had pushed through IxTab and went inner-north to Woodman ASE, which was next to the objective, itself separate from Broken Vale by a region from Acan.  Miller was about 3 minutes ahead of Connery in their capture of Broken Vale.  Both regions allowed each side to assault the middle region.  The stage was set for a massive struggle over the objective, Nason’s Defiance.

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This is where both servers met the monkey wrench.  Right before the match started, an inject was announced that 2 squads of VS players (1 squad of FCRW and 1 squad of INI) would be defending the objective from anyone and everyone.

The defending force’s whole job was to stop both server’s from taking the region. On paper, against a combined force of 192 players from both servers, the 24 player defense force would be little more than a speed bump.  However, the defenders had the benefit of spawning from the tower, and letting the two servers use their resources to fight each other, so the defenders proved to be a formidable force.

Miller was able to grab Acan from Connery, who then redeployed to Woodman and waited for it to finish capping.  Miller, with their cap going through first, assaulted Nason in force, taking A point first and C point briefly before losing it to the defending force.  Miller threw an advanced force to Woodman, in order to slow Connery’s advance on Nason.

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Eventually, the two sides met in a glorious deathmatch at Nason.  It was a giant tug-of-war over all three points.  Miller had two of the three points for a little while, but then faced switch-a-roo when Connery took two of the points after Miller lost their sunderers next to the wall.

At one point, Connery solidified a two point hold on Nason, and the count-down to victory started. They trudged all the way to 8 minutes when Miller reversed the situation in their favor, and the countdown became theirs to lose.  With an angry MAX crash, Miller took all three points, and eventually captured Nason’s Defiance, winning the match.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The match was the brainchild of Dotz0r, who also organized the Miller server, spread the word, and fielded questions.  Lanzer organized the Connery server, put together the schedule/rules, created the intro video, and was a co-host for the event.  Allelujah helped chase down Miller outfits, manage the Miller teams, organized update meetings, and was a co-host for the event.  SteelDragon created the PS2 Pickup ServerSmash graphic.  Fara and Pella from INIcast, in association with ReachCast, obtained the observer cameras and were commentators for the event.

You can download the PTS client here.

You can watch the entire match below in the embed YouTube channel.  It was streamed in 1080p, so be sure to watch it in all of its glory.  If you are interested in Planetside-wide pickup matches that happen every week, join the PS2 PU forums, or join their Teamspeak (


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