Pokemon X & Y Review

Pokemon X & Y Review

Pokemon X & Y are the latest installments in the highly successful Pokemon franchise. In these new Pokemon games you get to choose from three new starters and explore a brand new region while collecting badges and filling up your Pokedex with every Pokemon you encounter. It’s the same old formula from the old days and that’s not exactly a bad thing.

At first I was skeptical about the new Pokemon starters that you get. Particularly the fire type because I was afraid I would end up with another Fire/Fighting hybrid like in the last three generations of Pokemon games. I was very surprised when it evolved into a Fire/Psychic type and owned just about everything I put it up against.

Pokemon X & Y are beautiful games. The environments are rich with detail and the new battle system is fantastic. These are the best Pokemon games in terms of gameplay. It’s like playing Pokemon Stadium all over again but even better, as the battle system has really been improved upon and the animations in battle have undergone some enhancements too.

Pokemon X & Y introduce a new Fairy-type Pokemon that can easily beat Dark, and Dragon types but has problems going up against Poison, and Steel. Honestly I think this is the new “Light” type Pokemon but instead of it being called a light type it was called Fairy instead.

Some old Pokemon has had their type changed. Snubbul is now a Fairy type, and Gardevoir is also part Fairy. There are also some new Fairy Pokemon in the game too like Flabebe. The new Pokemon that I’ve encountered so far are brilliant and I want to play through the game again just so I can train new types of Pokemon.

thAnother new feature that has been added in Pokemon X & Y is called “Mega Evolution”.

A fully evolved Pokemon can reach a further level of evolution by mega evolving during battle; only certain Pokemon can mega evolve but the ones that do, become really strong and can decimate entire parties with little to no effort.

In order for mega evolution to happen you must have a special item that is for that particular Pokemon. I chose a Venusaur as my second starter so I got the Venusaurite. Venusaur’s mega evolved form looks awesome and it is very powerful.

When it comes to the soundtrack of the game, it is quite nice to go along your journey; however, it isn’t anything special, which renders it forgettable.

Not everything about Pokemon X & Y is good though. There are some weak parts of the game. The story this time around is particularly weak when compared to other Pokemon games. Team Flare had little to no impact on the game at all until I had about 5 or 6 badges and even then it felt forced.

The biggest problem of these new games is the difficulty. Pokemon has never been a hard game by any means but this one is arguably the easiest of them all. One thing that really bugged me throughout the game was the fact that you get an exp share after you win your first badge and it gives experience to the entire party instead of just one Pokemon. It’s really easy to over level your party and when that happens the game itself becomes a cake walk.

Another major problem with the game is the camera angle. It’s way too close to my character in many sections of the game. I guess they were going for a more cinematic approach with these new Pokemon games. Every time I walk out of a Pokemon Center the camera is right on my back or when I enter a dark cave I can’t see anything besides my character. I never had a problem with the old over head camera of the old days and I actually prefer that to this. Thankfully it isn’t like that while you’re searching for new Pokemon in tall grass or out exploring the world.

Pokemon X & Y are both good games and depending on the version of the game you get you, will get to see some mega evolutions or not, as well as the type of Pokemon you get to see will change. While they aren’t the best Pokemon games to be out, they are up there with the best and offer something new to a formula that some thought was getting old.

Our final verdict for Pokemon X & Y is a 7/10.


  1. Excellent Battle System
  2. Beautiful Graphics
  3. Good Variety Of Pokemon To Catch


  1. Game Difficulty Leave Much To Be Desired
  2. Awkward Camera
  3. Weak Story And Villain
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  1. Purchased Pokemon X on Dec. 17 2013 and had it whooped by the 28th. The story was a major letdown compared to the previous versions, there was no “after party” allowing you to explore the other regions. Other than Pokemon breeding for shinys (which I have a grand total of one and it was caught in the wild *sigh*) there’s not much left to do other than battle strangers. I had no idea how powerful a Greninja with “Protean” was until I started battling passerbyers. Basically one Greninja can wipe out my entire diversified pokemon team if it’s trainer gave it the right skill variety (I’ve sacrificed a many Gengar for the sake of winning battles against Greninja). All and all still an entertaining game for me personally ^_^

    • Sadly, I have no 3DS, so I can’t experience these new Pokemon games; but still, the new design and so on makes it not feel like Pokemon anymore, after Emerald edition, I sort of lost track of the games because of the changes they made to the game…I mean, it is completely different, it almost feels like it isn’t Pokemon anymore…

    • Thanks for commenting and honestly I didn’t bother battling other people. I just can’t bring myself to jump back in that game. I might go back to it in a few months but for now I’m done with Pokemon.

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