Call of Duty: Ghosts already hacked

Call of Duty: Ghosts already hacked

Even though Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t scheduled to go live until tomorrow, hackers have already gotten the game…and hacked it.

The quite popular YouTuber MinnesotaBurns, who has been doing videos for a long time now, where he trolls hackers and publicly unmasks them, to then get them reported to Xbox Live Support, so that they get their accounts banned (bravo, kind sir!), got himself in a lobby of the game with one group of hackers, so he went ahead and recorded everything!

Without further search, one is able to find different videos showing modifications of the game, going from one that automatically tags your enemies, up to wallhacks.

This has also been documented by users of NeoGaf, so this doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue.

I’ve never been in favor of cheating, and this is quite annoying as it kills the fun of many players. Let’s hope that Infinity Ward gets to patch these issues as soon as possible.

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  1. Unbelievable. Actually totally believable and really depressing. And my friends ask me why I don’t really bother with this game much anymore. Argh.

    • hahahaha I hear you there! At least on previous releases it took about 6 months to develop hacks for the game, now…1 day before its release, but maybe that way developers can patch them

      • Let’s hope that you’re right. Do the non Xbox One versions run on dedicated servers?

        • It is supposed that they do, I can’t say this 100% sure, but I’ll double check on that

  2. god, I would be so embarrassed if that happened to a game I made. But kudos to this guy for snuffing these cheaters out, not that I play this game but hey, it can only be good for the community.

    • Interesting thing, I’ve followed Minessota for years now, the guy does this, and for doing this he has had different accounts and consoles banned by Microsoft…

      • Why would Microsoft ban him though? He’s doing them a service isn’t he? Unless he’s causing a whole of users to to removed from Xbox maybe emptying Microsoft’s pockets..

        • They say he is “harassing” other players and different excuses, last year he got banned 2-3 times

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