Eko Software responds to ROAM’s Accusation

Eko Software responds to ROAM’s Accusation

As you can see here, ROAM developer has accused 505 Games for “stealing” the idea of their game. Something that simply by checking through the videos doesn’t answer our question about if this is or isn’t true.

Eko SoftwareWell, I’ve contacted both 505 Games and Eko Software about this situation, while I’m still waiting for some response from 505 Games, I’ve gotten a response from Eko Software representative, who has shared some light on this case.

In his statement, Eko Software representative Benjamin Lalisse directed me to a Reddit post which states how wrong is ROAM developer when accusing 505 Games of plagiarism. While he has stated that they don’t know this person, it has been said that the information shared there is true:

“All that’s written on reddit.com is true:

  • How to Survive was started in 2011
  • We got the support of French Governmental organization CNC for the game in 2011.
  • We developed it during 2 years
  • The image on our website from 2011 is representing Jack Abby and Kenji, we need to leave the fourth character for a question of budget
  • We presented the game to most of the publisher during Gamescom 2012.”

This can be actually checked over CNC website, where it is stated that, indeed, How to Survive was added in November 2011.

Lalisse added:

“We were never contacted by the roam-developers : ( They accused us without any research, and now damages are done”

It is true that the name of the company is being damaged by these accusations, and something like this doesn’t go without any consequences, but it seems that the accusations were sort of rushed and without any research to back it up.

I’ve contacted ROAM developers as well in search for some clarification on this matter.

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