Weekly Recap #11

Weekly Recap #11

Another week is gone, and that only means another Weekly Recap! This week has been quite a good one, with a lot of information, interestingly enough, the top stories are quite similar as you can figure by the preview above!

This week, I’ll post the top 7 stories, simply because only the most active one isn’t about “the same topics”, they go between 3-4 different topics, but you’ll see them right away!


So I heard you want to become a professional game journalist? – Part 2

As part of the series I’m making under this name, I had the amazing chance to have a short interview with current GamesRadar Editor in Chief, who was willing to answer all of my questions. Thanks Sophia Tong!


Dark Matter Removed from Steam, GOG

Following the complaints of countless users, GOG and Steam took measurements against InterWave Studios’ Dark Matter


So I heard you want to become a professional game journalist?

The first installment of the series, where I explain the very first findings I’ve gotten about “how to become a professional game journalist”


DualShock 4: PS3 Games compatibility list

The list of PlayStation 3 games that are compatible with Sony’s DualShock 4 can be found here!


Dark Matter: the unfinished game

Days after its release, gamers that were getting to the “end” of the game were getting surprised…and upset. Check out the reason of this here.


Dark Matter Developers Response

After the plenty of complaints about the “Dark Matter” game, developers had to say something, this is what they replied.


Pokémon X & Y Patch goes live

You people really like Pokémon, don’t you? Well…I do!

I’m trying to get some personalized images for these sort of articles, this isn’t the first time I make one, but I want your opinions, what do you think of this week’s image (below)?

Weekly Recap 11

And that’s it, thanks a lot for reading, and I hope to see your reactions to both, this week’s top articles, as well as my super graphic skills!!

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