7 Days to Die Greenlight page removed

7 Days to Die Greenlight page removed

There’s some huge confusion around this; and personally, it seems like the measurement is quite harsh, let me explain what is going on here.

7-Days-to-Die7 Days to Die, an open-world, voxel-based, sandbox game, which brings a combination of different genres together, such as FPS, Survival Horror, RPG and Tower Defense, as it puts you in a post-apocalyptic world, just after the third world war has left the world in ruins, and infected the remaining world population with a “unknown” virus that kills infected in 7 days, to then return to the world of the living as some sort of zombie.

Now that you know what the game is about let’s get to what happened to its Steam Greenlight page.

Basically, The Fun Pimps, developers of this game, are working with the Unity Engine to get this game going. Unfortunately, without knowing so, they purchased some Unity Model from the Unity Store in order to use it in their game. What happens in here is that they had the bad luck of purchasing a stolen model, which was taken from Tripwire Interactive‘s KIlling Floor, and then, recolored and sold, without leaving any note about this (obviously, because it was stolen!)

killing floorNow, Tripwire Interactive hit The Fun Pimps with a DMCA notice for this matter, getting their Steam Greenlight page to be completely removed by Valve, and this way, delaying their big step into Steam. This was done by Tripwire’s lawyer, who calls himself a “pet pitbull”, and states that he has a “bunch of real deal nastiness” in his “legal bad of tricks”.

Tripwire’s lawyer says that the studio contacted The Fun Pimps before, and requested for them to remove this stolen model from their game, and that they agreed to do it upon the next update of the game, but apparently, they haven’t removed it yet.

Hopefully this all will get clarified, as it just seems like both studios are equally victims of this thief (which Tripwire’s lawyer labeled as a “dick”), and also seems to be something not-that-hard to resolve.


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  1. Wow that sucks. Cool that they can rectify it though.

    • Indeed, let’s see how it ends for them, hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, because seriously…The Fun Pimps are as victims as Tripwire Interactive

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