Play as the Zombie in Undead Overlord

Play as the Zombie in Undead Overlord

Undead Overlord

JumpCore Productions’ Undead Overlord is here to bring a 180 degrees change to the zombie games, as players will take the role of the zombie mass when playing this game, quite an amazing idea, I must say!

JumpCore Productions was created by founding CEO for Cryptic Studios, and has launched a KickStarter Campaign for this amazingly thought real-time strategy game.

A world were destruction is your goal seems quite fun, totally appealing for me, mostly when you take the place of the -normally- hated zombies, and use them to infect others, enlarge your “z-army” and simply…cause more chaos!

Undead Overlord 1Among the different features of the game, one of the most appealing ones is that you’re able to “customize” your own bosses, by assigning them different abilities, mutations, and even behaviors, in order to get them to be as deadly as they could possibly be.

What do I think about this? Well, this is a magnificent idea, I’ve always wanted to basically do this…and who wouldn’t? So, go ahead and support the game, which has an initial funding target of $60,000.

Let’s see what else I can get about this game, if so, I’ll be posting updates!

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