Raccoon City coming to Universal Orlando

Raccoon City coming to Universal Orlando


That’s right, Universal Orlando is bringing Raccoon City to life for Halloween Horror Nights 23, promising to get you into the survival experience of your life!

This isn’t something completely new though, if you remember, back in July there was this Japan’s Resident Evil Attraction in Osaka, which was certainly awesome; and now Universal Orlando is bringing their own attraction to them, with the same theme: Resident Evil.

Attendees to Universal Orlan between September 20 and November 2 will be enjoying all the fun as they adventure into the different mazes which are based on different movies/TV Series/Games, including:

  • Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City
  • The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven
  • Evil Dead
  • The Cabin in the Woods
  • An American Werewolf in London
  • La Llorona (Urban Legend)
  • Havoc Derailed
  • After Life Death’s Vengeance

The Resident Evil themed maze will be the host for every character from the game, going from survivors and infected, zombies, lickers, and even Nemesis will make his appearance!

The first photos from the maze have appeared (thanks to Capcom’s employee, Brelston), and you can check them below

And, as I know you might be as interested as I am on this, let me share with you some more media from these themed mazes:

But check out Halloween Horror Nights’ official Instagram page to find out even more!

So…are you brave enough to go and experience these mazes?

John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

  • I’m going to this, thanks to it only being about ten miles away from me.

    • Lucky you! I hope you get to take some photos so that us -the not-so-lucky- get to see what we missed!!

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