Another U-Turn from Microsoft

You can think whatever you want about this, but for me, this is just a joke already, Microsoft did absolutely everything wrong with its console, and couldn’t stand their own ideas, they couldn’t manage the fact that they decided to go behind the money and that they insulted its customers with their ridiculous policies and decisions regarding their next-gen console, the Xbox One.

First, they announced their original policies, no support for Indie Developers, mandatory Kinect connection, always online policy, well…you can see it all in the E3 video (as well, you can check what I talked about this “console war” and how it is already over)

xbox-one-vs-ps4Well, after their failure over E3, they started noticing how their dreams on gathering more money from their customers were being destroyed by Sony, as they did everything in favor of gamers, and used Microsoft’s fails against them, they decided to remove some policies, to then, reverse more policies….

Well, just by those two times in which MIcrosoft reversed their policies, it was kind of a joke, they started with their policies, and claimed that they were needed for the console to function properly; as well as the Kinect, which was always said to be a “must have” and that it needed to be always connected to the console, else it wouldn’t work right….but oh! surprise, surprise! They’ve reversed this too!!! I’m shocked….

“The console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in, although you won’t be able to use any feature or experience that explicitly uses the sensor.”

Said Marc Whitten, Xbox Corporate Vice President, during an “Ask Microsoft Anything” session.

For me, it is impossible to trust Microsoft anymore, they claimed that the Xbox One couldn’t work unless it was always online, as well that it wouldn’t work without the Kinect, and claimed that the self-publishing policies couldn’t be changed, they’ve changed them all, it feels like they’ve been constantly lying to us all, whether you like the Xbox or not, isn’t relevant, it was totally noticeable that this console is focused mostly on the media aspect of it, but that it is aimed at the US market mostly. This isn’t really a video-game console anymore, it is a multi-media console, which, theoretically, is better than a game console, yet, this isn’t aimed for gamers anymore, and tries to take the place of your home theater, your gaming console(s) and your computer…which simply won’t happen, or might happen, in the US, but nowhere else.

I want to make something clear though, these are my personal thoughts, along with the news-article itself, so please don’t judge for that.

What do you think about this decision?

John is an avid gamer and a writer, who enjoys about everything geek, from TV shows to movies, to video games, of course.

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  1. I agree that Microsoft is no longer a gamer-based company. The fact that they tried to pull off what they did proves that all they care about now is more money. They don’t care about gamer satisfaction, they only care about business.
    I will say, though, that a console is a console, and it does whatever you want to use it for. So long as I can play my games, I don’t care what they say about the media features and Kinect (first thing I’d do is burn the Kinect anyway).
    I can say that I’m very torn between these two consoles. If and when I finally get my hands on a next-gen console, it’ll be a tough decision.

    • I simply can’t trust them, who says that as they reversed these policies they can’t put them back on later on? If they lied saying that the console wouldn’t work if they took out X or Y feature, and then they removed them, what else can they be lying about?

      We are gamers, and we deserve to be treated with respect, what they are showing so far, is -as you said- that they don’t care about gamers at all, but just about money

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