PlayStation 4: Q&A

playstationSony has revealed a new video, answering plenty of questions from their upcoming next-gen console the PlayStation 4; covering from party chat to even 3D content; but I shouldn’t spoil anything here, so that you check out the video by yourself!

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  1. No, no, no…….I like hard copies of my games

    • I don’t think I’m getting your point there :O

      • Can you not only get games on-line?

        • Not at all! Games are the same way as they currently are, through a physical disk, as well as digital downloads; that, I don’t think will ever change for obvious reasons *cough*HDD capability*cough*

          • ahhhhh….. still I think I’ll wait and see how it goes. Are you going for one straight away?

          • I wish I had the money, but just imagine that I finally got my PS3 last December! I’m mostly a PC Gamer -with a crappy PC- but if I ever get the money, I’ll definitely like to get a PS4 at some point

          • I like my PS3, I only got the slim version a couple of months back so I am in no big hurry. The reason I changed is none of the newer games would play on the old version. I hope that doesn’t happen again!

        • That’s for sure! I’m still more into PC gaming, the consoles are there just for the games that I know my PC isn’t able to run and I really reaaaaally have to play :p

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