Sony: New use for PSN Trophies

We are always playing video games, earning achievements (Steam, Xbox) and trophies (PSN), but besides the bragging rights they give us, we aren’t really getting anything else (self satisfaction, perhaps?). Well, Sony has found a way to give trophies a use, following their new initiative Greatness Awaits.

playstationThis initiative give a use to trophies, allowing players to bid their Gold trophies in order to get different items, going from costumes up to rare items in different games.

It is totally worth mentioning that when you bid a trophy, whether you win the bid or not won’t affect the trophy itself, as it will remain in your PSN account.

Right now, the items listed go from concept art from PlayStation, costumes in The Last of Us, outfits for Killzone: Shadow Fall, different goods for Diablo III, Assassin’s Creed IV, InFamous: Second Son, and Skyrim.

What do you think of this new system?

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