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Steam Halloween Sale 2014 Day 1

Yet another Steam sale has arrived, just in time if you ask me. The Steam Halloween Sale 2014 is here, using the new Steam User Interface, and getting all weird and stuff, but deals are deals, and we have to dig into all the titles in order to find those

Assassin’s Creed Unity Goes to World War 2

We all know that the main story in which Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity take place is the French Revolution, as that’s all we had been told ever since the game’s announcement, but now, it seems like there’s going to be a more modern setting inside the game, taking place

At The Speed Of Light – Velocity 2X Review (PS4)

What happens when you combine elements of RESOGUN and Strider? You get Velocity 2X. Developer Futurlab has created a magnificent, frantic, action-packed, rhythm driven sci-fi title that offers a great challenge for those who think they have quick minds and reflexes. Velocity 2X stands as one of the most brain-bending

Starbound: Infinite Possibility

In December 2013 a game was released and it seemed as though everyone on Steam was buying it at the time. That or Rust, but fuck Rust, this one is for Starbound. What is Starbound? Well, remember Terraria? Starbound is like Terraria, but fucking amazing. You are an exiled member

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