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Supergirl TV Pilot Leaks Online

It has become almost a trend that TV shows get their episodes leaked online before they air, that was the case with the first few episodes of the fifth season of Game of Thrones, and now, it has happened to the pilot episode of Supergirl.

Help Mulligan Become Reality

Do you like violent stories of corporate espionage? Do you live to see the underdog come through in the end and give the bad guys their just desserts? Do you want to become a recurring character in an independent comic series? Then look no further than Mulligan.

Valve Working on Hitboxes in CS:GO

It’s not strange for a game to get bug fixes and patches close after launch. It’s a bit odd when a game receives such changes almost three years after it’s release. Better late than never; Valve is working on adjusting hitboxes in Counter-Strike: Global Offense.


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