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Spider-Man: Homecoming Synopsis, Cast Revealed

At the Marvel Entertainment panel for San Diego Comic Con we got some great news, and one of those i...[Read More]

Brie Larson Officially Cast as Captain Marvel

It is official, folks, we have a Captain Marvel and the one in charge of bringing her to life is Bri...[Read More]

Scream 2×10 “The Vanishing” Synopsis

MTV has released the official synopsis for the upcoming tenth episode of the current season of Screa...[Read More]

Telltale Brings Us the Batman Like Never Before

Video games based on comics have a fairly sorted history. Most efforts come up short of our expectat...[Read More]

Once Upon a Time: Aladdin and Jafar Come to Life

From the lands of Agrabah, Once Upon a Time brings fans the King of Thieves Aladdin and the evil sor...[Read More]

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Other News

Making New Discoveries with Star Trek

It has been a long time since a new Star Trek show has graced the small screen. Ever since the announcement came from CBS, Trek fans have been chompin...

Chris Wood Joins Supergirl In Secret Role

It’s no secret that the CW loves to keep actors and reuse and cast them in different shows for the network’s lineup. This proves to be no ...

5 Features I Want In Pokémon GO

Let’s face it: for as fun as Pokémon GO is, it could use a lot of work. Here are the top five features I’d like to see added soon and that I think wou...

Star Trek Coloring Books From Dark Horse

It appears that coloring books are making their way back into the main stream. This time they are not all for children either. Adults enjoy the Swear ...

Rise of the Tomb Raider Coming to PS4 in October

Last year’s Microsoft exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider will be coming to PlayStation 4 this October 11 and will include new content and PSVR su...

Supergirl New Characters Cast

New characters for Season 2 of Supergirl are starting to be cast with the first two names already on board for debuting on the show.

Alden Ehrenreich Revealed As New Han Solo

It’s been confirmed that actor Alden Ehrenreich will be the new Han Solo, a role made iconic by Harrison Ford.

Scream 2×09 “The Orphanage” Synopsis

MTV has released the official synopsis for the upcoming ninth episode of the current season of Scream and you can check out all the details about this...

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