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First Impressions: The Evil Within

To provide a little background, I am not typically the type to play straight horror games, though I am known to get down on some survival horror. The Evil Within has a look and a feel, though, that drew me in and made me curious. To date, the only pure horror

Epic Games Wants You to Help Develop UT4

It is a standard of the gaming industry – and just about every industry – that major contributors keep their work under wraps until completion. Movie leaks are common, especially for high-profile films, but these are generally discouraged; more so when the film has a surprise ending or a favorite

We Won’t See Xbox One Screenshots Until 2015

Screenshots are a little more important than some gamers might think. It’s a great pleasure to be able to capture a clear, raw frame from gameplay and share it anywhere you’d like. Xbox One users have been waiting for this feature since launch, and, unfortunately, it won’t be available until

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