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Rumor: Summerslam RAW Women’s Championship Match Set

During this week’s Monday Night RAW, we got to watch the women’s division main event wit...[Read More]

Doctor Who 10×12 “The Doctor Falls” Synopsis & Photos (Season Finale)

BBC has released all the information about the upcoming season finale of Doctor Who, an episode that...[Read More]

Wynonna Earp 2×04 “She Ain’t Right” Synopsis, Photos & Promo

Syfy has released all the details about the upcoming fourth episode of Wynonna Earp‘s current ...[Read More]

Fear the Walking Dead 3×06 “Red Dirt” Synopsis, Photos & Promo

AMC has released all the information about the upcoming sixth episode of Fear the Walking Dead‘...[Read More]

Nintendo Announced SNES Classic

The rumors are true: Nintendo is releasing the SNES Classic this fall. The mini console will come wi...[Read More]

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Other News

The Strain 4×02 “The Blood Tax” Synopsis & Photos

FX has released the official synopsis and promotional photos for the upcoming second episode of The Strain‘s fourth season, an episode that has ...

Housemarque Interview: Nex Machina and Matterfall

Nex Machina, the latest from developer Housemarque, released this Tuesday, so we spoke to the studio about it and its upcoming game, Matterfall.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Synopsis

Dragon Ball Super has finally arrived to its current destination, the Tournament of Power, and during the ninety-seventh episode of the show, we will ...

Wynonna Earp 2×03 “Gonna Getcha Good” Synopsis, Photos & Promo

Wynonna Earp is back, and Syfy has now released all the information about the upcoming third episode of the show’s current season which has been...

Money! Money Money Money Money! (Money in the Bank Isn’t Worth the Money)

Money in The Bank came and went, and just like a hurricane, left impact after passing. And right now, the women’s division, not only at SmackDown but ...

FOX Fall 2017 Premiere Dates Announced

FOX has finally announced the official premiere dates for all of its shows, at least the ones that are set to come back this Fall, and you can check t...

Shadowhunters 2×15 “A Problem of Memory” Synopsis & Photos

Freeform has released the official synopsis and promotional photos for the upcoming fifteenth episode of Shadowhunters, an episode that has been title...

The Strain 4×01 “The Worm Turns” Synopsis & Photos

The Strain is finally coming back for its fourth season, and FX has already released the official synopsis and a few promotional photos for the upcomi...

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