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Games Against PewDiePie: Devs with Jam

I can hear the furious amount of typing during the caffeine-pocalypse of Indie Devs working on games coming to a grinding halt in time for the conclusion of the dev period for the Indies vs PewDiePie Game Jam. Very shortly, the jam will end and a flood of games in

GamersSphere Weekly Recap #44

Hello gamers, and welcome back to the GamersSphere! This week, we had quite a lot of content published and so, it is a tough list to get, with every article getting its own share of popularity, so let’s check out which articles were the most popular among them all.

PayPal Leaks Steam Fall Sale Date

Well, this isn’t all that awkward at all. Valve might be one of the companies with the worst luck when it comes to surprising its customers with its seasonal sales, not because they don’t try to do it, but because its partners simply don’t seem to understand the fact that

The Crew: 101 Trailer

Ubisoft is giving gamers a crash course in The Crew 101. Ubisoft has released a video describing the many, many things to do in The Crew. The video is where Ubisoft brings “…you up to speed in this comprehensive look into the world, cars and drivers of The Crew. With

Pewdiepie is Hosting a Game Jam!

If you are an IndieDev, you are likely deep in your (coffee) cups trying to create a game to submit to one of the most unexpected game jams ever created. I never expected this, anyway. But then again, I am not much of a Pewdiepie fan. I’m honestly more into

Battlefield V to be Military Themed Again

We all know that the Battlefield franchise does not end with the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, and that the next Battlefield game in the saga will come out in 2016, whether it will be called Battlefield V or something else, we don’t know, but what we do know is that it

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