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Steam Exploration Sale Goes Live – Day 1

Steam, the PC gaming platform of preference for plenty of gamers is at it again, making our wallets cry, and emptying our bank accounts with yet another sale, this one -as leaked by PayPal some days ago- being the Steam Exploration Sale, which started some minutes ago and will go

Origin Black Friday Offers go Live

It is that time of the year in which everyone starts going crazy in order to get the best deals in the products they have been looking for during the year, whether the items are for them or to give as Christmas gifts the Black Friday is the best time

Sony Pictures Hacked, Files Leaked

Surprise, surprise. Sony has been hacked once again. This time, things are a touch more spooky and dramatic, though. The scene nearly sounds like it comes straight from a movie filled with hacking, demands from the hacker, and consequences on a constantly ticking clock.

Become a God in Skyforge

No, not everyone will get to the Zeus level for sure, but the upcoming MMORPG from Obsidian Entertainment, Skyforge, will have players start their journey as an immortal warrior, and move up the deity’s ladder until becoming an actual god.

Every Evolve Map will be Free

In an era where paid downloadable content is what pretty much every developer is going for, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have decided to go the other way around with their upcoming 4v1 co-op game Evolve, announcing that no map will have to be paid for, as they will

Games Against PewDiePie: Devs with Jam

I can hear the furious amount of typing during the caffeine-pocalypse of Indie Devs working on games coming to a grinding halt in time for the conclusion of the dev period for the Indies vs PewDiePie Game Jam. Very shortly, the jam will end and a flood of games in

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