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Japan Accepts The Challenge: The Robot Duel Is On

Real Steel has come to life. Or maybe it’s a 10,000 pound version of Battlebots. Either way, it’s on. Last week, American bot builder Megabots Inc. challenged Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a real life, giant robot duel that would pit the world’s only giant robots against each other. The best part? Suidobashi accepts

Introducing Gaming BattleGround

Let’s face it. As good as most of us might think we are at gaming, we’re not MLG level. We’re not pros and we never will be. But competition is fun, and so is winning money. That’s where Gaming BattleGround comes in. It’s a place where average players can pony

Minecraft 1.9 Update Announced

Minecon brought a wealth of Minecraft information over the weekend, and some of the biggest announcements came in the form of details concerning the game’s newest update: 1.9. Dubbed The Combat Update, Minecraft 1.9 will bring dual wielding, more adventures in The End, new arrow variants, and more.

Gamers Sphere Weekly Recap #76

Hello gamers, and welcome back one more time to the Gamers Sphere! As it is the case every Sunday, this is the time when we go and check for the most popular articles from the last 7 days as selected by you, our reader. So let’s check out which were


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