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Netflix October 2017 Movie and TV Titles Announced

Every month we see new movies and TV shows come to Netflix as some titles leave.  Netflix Announced ...[Read More]

New Game of Thrones Prequel Announced

We all know the fear too well, the fear of losing one of our beloved TV shows. Many Game of Thrones ...[Read More]

Jamie Lee Curtis Returns to ‘Halloween’

The horror franchise ‘Halloween‘ helped launch Jamie Lee Curtis’s career and now s...[Read More]

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Returns in Horror Fashion

The CW and WBTV are developing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a horror and drama featuring the ...[Read More]

Super Mario 64 Online Faces Nintendo Copyright Infringement

Nintendo usually lets fangames live for a long time as long as they are not charging people for it. ...[Read More]

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Other News

Other News

Humble Book Bundle: Treat Yourself is Now Live!

Humble Bundle has just launched a new book bundle featuring “Treat Yourself” books by Callisto Media. From yoga to healing crystals, this ...

First-look at Cartoon Network’s New Powerpuff Girl

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back and with a new team member named Bliss.  Cartoon Network shared the first new poster featuring Bliss on Twitte...

‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Synopsis

The first synopsis of this years Doctor Who Christmas special may be teasing a goodbye to Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.  Appearing on Blu-ray copies...

Once Upon a Time 7×01 “Hyperion Heights” Synopsis & Photos

ABC has released the official synopsis for the upcoming season 7 premiere of Once Upon a Time, an episode that has been titled “Hyperion Heights...

Marvel’s Inhumans 1×03 “Divide and Conquer” Synopsis & Photos

Marvel’s Inhumans will be coming to TV on ABC after the IMAX release, and we have the 1×03 “Divide and Conquer” synopsis and ph...

Marvel’s Inhumans Series Premiere 1×01 & 1×02 Synopsis, Photos & Promo

ABC has released the official synopsis and promotional photos for the upcoming series premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans, a premiere that is going to...

Goodbye Battleborn, Final Update to Come

Gearbox has announced that they will be releasing a final update to their game Battleborn this Fall, but will be keeping the servers up for players wh...

Family Guy 16×02 “Foxx In The Men House” Synopsis

FOX has released the official synopsis for the upcoming second episode of Family Guy‘s sixteenth season, an episode that has been titled “...

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