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Elder Scrolls In-Game Texts To Be Published

While playing Skyrim, did you ever find yourself leafing through the books and other written works of the game? Have you wondered about some of the lore in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, good news! Lore and texts from both games will be visualized in two published book series.

GS Quick Cast Episode #3: Day One Updates

Do you hate day one updates as much as I do? Does sitting there for hours waiting for the download to finish and install ruin the excitement? Does Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s 20 GB update irritate you? Me too; check out the newest GS Quick Cast below. It’s all

Kickstarter Spotlight: Playdit

Have you ever wanted to play some old-school style MMOs with your friends in those afternoons when there’s absolutely nothing else to do? Or, maybe, be able to find some games to play with the members of your guild when the server in which you play is down or on

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