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Nyko Power Pak Review (Dualshock 4)

Nyko is a company pretty well known for their charge stations, battery packs, and controllers. Over the past week, we’ve put their Dualshock 4 Power Pak to the test, and the results have been positive. If you have a PS4 and the controller’s battery life is too short for your

GamersSphere Weekly Recap #30

Welcome back one more time to the GamersSphere, where we bring information about the gaming industry on daily basis for you to get updated on everything that’s going on in the industry.

OVERKILL to Bring a The Walking Dead Co-Op Game

The creators of the co-op first-person shooter heist “simulator” PayDay, have teamed up with Robert Kirkman, the man responsible for the existence of The Walking Dead in order to bring a brand new firs-person shooter, that is obviously another co-op game, based in The Walking Dead Universe.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trailer

For all of those who prefer the multiplayer experience over the single-player one, Activision and Sledgehammer have released the trailer for the multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, showcasing explosions, Titanfall-like parkour, and a Tsunami.

GUNS UP! Comes to PS4, PS3, Vita This Year

GUNS UP! is a new, free-to-play, military strategy game that will be making its way to Sony consoles later this year. Although military games and free-to-play ones are genres running rampant these days, it looks like GUNS UP! could be an interesting, fun new venture.

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