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Why Do They Fear Indie Gaming?

In September’s issue of Game Informer, the “esteemed” publication seems to be initiating its own quiet assassination concurrent with the #GamerGate wars of Twitter. While they do not seem to have leap on the “fuck all gamers” bandwagon with most major games reporting outlets, they do seem to be digging

Eufloria, Tripadelic RTS Invasion

Eufloria is a game that defines some of my earliest days with indie games, and it’s far from showing its age.  There are those who would have you believe that indie is a style that can be encapsulated in a game with a whacky storyline or super-artsy hand-painted backgrounds, but

Just Dance 2015 Full Tracklist Announced

On the official Just Dance website, Ubisoft released the full list of songs that players will be shakin’ it to on Just Dance 2015. Among my personal favorites are… Well, popular music has moved on without me. Nevertheless, Ubisoft has chosen the following songs from top Billboard artists that plenty

GamersSphere Weekly Recap #34

Hello gamers, and welcome back to the GamersSphere! With the plenty of stuff going on in the site, and us going back to normal after we had to be down for some time while we were doing some enhancements to the site, and are working hard to bring you all

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